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Wow..Tough start for Mannrique. 

This might be the best batter's boxscore I've ever seen. 

Michael Marietta c/1b   7 6 7 11  :beerbang


Have a day, Michael.  :rock

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      It seemed as though it would only be a matter of time before the IBB and no fake to third would be implemented. The changes on pitchers' positioning is going to be problematic unless there is a universal effort to enforce the new standards.
      The HBP and runners staying at their bases changes are the most interesting to me. I wonder what the penalty will be for runners leaving their bases during a defensive conference.
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      Just wondering if any college umpires are using this. ... ?  No luck in posting in Books section, thought I'dtry here. 

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      Does anyone have this ?    Is it worth the $20 ?

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      do any of you have extra NCAA DH cheat sheets?  Looking to pick 1 or 2 up. They're usually laminated and fit in your pocket.
      I've seen them in the past on ebay, didn't see much there or in here through the search function.
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      @Magic and I are getting involved in a study group to prepare for the NCAA exam and would love to get copies of tests from previous years.  If anyone is feeling generous and wants to send them along via PM, we would appreciate your help.  Thanks.

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