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14yo Son needs some ump clothing. How cool is that?


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    • By rhinolith
      When I am working the plate (chest protector on), all of my umpire shirts become untucked during the game. Especially in front. I am tall and I wear 3XL. I tried a 4XL but it was way too baggy. I have tried Smitty, Honig's, and Champro and they are all about the same. Are there any other manufacturers that make longer shirts or even tall sizes (3XLT)?
      Thanks very much for your advice.
    • By Kevin_K
      In going through my umpire wardrobe, I have discovered a treasure trove of items that no longer fit.
      I have three XL Cliff Keen shirts that are now too big - Cream, powder, and navy (yeah I know!) The navy had an NJSIAA patch on the left sleeve and all three have American flags on the back near the collar. All are in very good condition and I would wear each on the field if they still fit.
      $15 plus shipping each. $35 plus shipping for the lot. Friends and family PP only.
      More to come.

    • By sd181612
      Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the pros have started wearing the Polys (I’ve seen some with more “loose” and “flexible” pants) or are they all required to wear Honigs’?
    • By sd181612
      Surprise!!!! I have another question however I didn’t t know if this was the appropriate thread, so, I’m advanace, I apologize. Anyways I got the Poly-Spandex plate pants Monday and have been looking for good tailors in the area who have experience with atheletic fabrics. Since I don’t want to blindly step into the 5-Star rated tailor who knows a lot about suits but not about umpire pants like these, any suggestions????
      Thanks again!
    • By Matt702
      Smitty heather grey combo pants for sale. $30. Worn for 1 game. Waist is a 38. I am 5'8", so the pants are hemmed accordingly.

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