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Starting the 2013 Campaign!


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First game of 2013 is tonight at 6pm! It will also be my first game since the first weekend of October, so hopefully there won't be too much rust.


Needless to say, living in Michigan means that I am far from used to having January games. I've been trying for three years now to be accepted as an umpire in this domed league, and finally they are willing to give me a shot. I had an interview with the league director last Saturday, and he really liked what I had to say, and that I wasn't just some stupid teenager looking for money - that I really enjoy umpiring.


I didn't know it in our original correspondence, but he himself has been an umpire since he was 15, and has been working high school varsity for 20 years!


He is having me start on 8u games, which are coach pitch, and have me solo behind the coach pitching. Some guys doing the upper levels are 30+ year veterans, so I'm not complaining! Plus they pay $50/game, which is $20 more than I got in my past summer leagues. :nod:


The 2013 run should be a good one. Depending on my college choice (still undecided between Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI, Oakland University in Rochester, MI, University of Michigan at Dearborn in Dearborn, MI, or the wildcard Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL), I could be looking at a full January-December slate of games for the first time ever!


I will be also be working high school games as an MHSAA Legacy official for the first time ever, and I will be attending the Southeast Michigan Umpires Camp in February, which will be my first ever "real" umpiring camp.


Here's to a happy, healthy and succesful 2013 to all on UE!!


Play ball!

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