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    • By umpirebrianc
      Our annual Umpire Clinic in Tyler TX is being held Jan 26-28, 2018.  Marvin Hudson, 2016 World Series Umpire along with Clint Fagan MLB Rover and others will be instructors.  Also present DII, NAIA and JUCO assignors.  Both 3 man and 2 man options available.  Go to www.umpireclinics.com for details or email umpireclinics@gmail.com for any questions.
    • By Majordave
      September 22-24, 2017. Our Kansas City Collegiate Umpires Alliance Leadership is conducting their 2017 Intro to 3-Man Umpire Clinic.
      Camp POC; Jon Browar, Assigner for MIAA and GLVC, NCAA Division II Conferences and Kansas Jayhawk Junior College Conference.
      jbrowar16@aol.com, 913-638-5212.
      I have attended this clinic along with many of my past and current collegiate baseball partners.  Members on this board that have attended are ACPAR72, Ironman and I am sure several others.
      The instructor staff at this clinic are many of the same instructors that work other midwest umpire camps and clinics.  All work college baseball and many worked professional baseball.
      There will be live games to work.  In the recent past there have been both collegiate/junior college and high school level games to work.
      I have personally worked collegiate baseball with at least ten new to college baseball umpires that were assigned games because of their performance at this clinic.
      Past instructors include; current AAA Umpire Paul Clemons of Topeka, current AA Umpires Tyler Olsen and Grant Conrad. Former AAA and Major League Fill-in Umpire Seth Buckminster,  2017 NCAA Super Regional Umpires Bill McGuire of Omaha and Mark Wagers of  Wichita. 2017 NCAA Regional Umpire and former minor league umpire Tim Cordill, Former minor league umpires Mark Hutchison, Carlos Martinez and others on staff in the Big XII, Big 10, Conference USA, Missouri Valley Division I Conferences.
      Highly recommend you attend if you are interested in learning the 3 man collegiate umpiring system.
      I am not being paid or otherwise rewarded or remunerated for this endorsement.  I know that you will get great instruction, be treated well, meet lifelong colleagues and friends and learn a lot.  It WILL make you a better umpire.  PDF Flyer attached.
      2017 Flyer.pdf
    • By umpirebrianc
      The 6th Annual East Texas Umpire Clinic is coming Jan 27-29.  Learn from a 2016 World Series Umpire!!! Marvin Hudson is on our staff and will be here again in 2017.  
      Only $115 right now for Fri-Sun - check out www.umpireclinics.com for all the details.  Don't miss an incredible opportunity to learn from incredible instructors at the top of their game to help you better your game.
      Questions email me - umpireclinics@gmail.com
      Brian Chinn
    • By MidAmUmp
      I have attached a brochure for the 2016 Mid-American Umpire Clinic, Sept. 8-11 in Springfield, MO. 
      Remember we give discounts to UE Premium Members, Military and Public Service Heroes, and group discounts for 4 or more. 
    • By Kevin_K
      @Richvee and I just attended the 4th of July clinic hosted by the COG/MAC.
      The attention on better mechanics and individual evaluations are two of the major reasons I think this group's approach to instruction are top notch. All of the instructors have experience at the Division I level or higher, yet they have the patience and interest to work with umpires of all levels of experience. Without exception, each of the dozen instructors/evaluators took the time to answer any questions and provide suggestions for improvement.
      Unlike many clinics, the design of this one allows for multiple evaluations of live game work as the clinic is held in coordination with a local tournament with games from 9u through 18u. Each attendee is guaranteed 2 full game evaluations for both their plate and base work. I received a lot of great feedback that will make me better and I know that @Richvee did as well. 
      Of all the things covered in the clinic, the most valuable for me was a new approach to tracking pitches that makes so much sense and makes calling pitches much easier. Since becoming an umpire, I had been taught to track the ball from the pitchers hand to the catcher's glove, but I had never been taught how to use the natural positioning of my eyes to better track the ball.  
      Most umpires face the pitcher and have their face and eyes looking directly at the pitcher as he is on the mound. Umpires set their face angle so that their eyes sit at their natural position while looking at the pitcher and then move their eyes as they track the ball into the strike zone. As the ball approaches the strike zone and we move our eyes down to track it into the glove, we take our eyes out of their natural position as they sit in their sockets. This downward action makes it more difficult to see the entire zone as the ball passes through it.
      Rather than use this approach, we were introduced to the idea of finding a focal point about 10-15 feet in front of HP. Using this focal point, instructors suggested that umpires move the angle of our head so that our eyes were sitting naturally while looking at that particular point.  Their suggestion was a point at the edge of the dirt circle as shown below.
      As the pitcher goes through his pre-delivery motions, we were instructed to lift our eyes rather than our head. Once the pitch is delivered, track the ball and as the ball approaches the zone, your eyes will be at their natural position allowing for a more relaxed view of the pitch. I could not believe how much of a difference this made. I used it this weekend and I will continue to use this method of tracking pitches.
      It was a little uncomfortable at the start, but as I continued to use it I became more accustomed to it. I think of it as the Wolverine method as it reminds me of Hugh Jackman's stare in the X-Men movies

      I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone. The group wants their umpires to get better and they make it a priority.
      Have a happy and safe 4th!

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