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How many games have you scheduled for Spring 2009?

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we wont get our schedules until late feb for what good it does.... The weather plays havoc on the early schedule....I have to juggle my league schedules with my work and work travel schedules......a bad weather spring can wipe out much of my HS schedule......Once cancelled, there is no guarantee, I will be available for the rescheduled games.....

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I would like to get input from the HS umpires on this site to this question.

I have 45 HS baseball/softball games scheduled between mid-March through mid-May.

Here is southern Illinois I usually lose about a 1/3 to rainouts.

Comments welcomed.;)

I lived in Southern Illinois for 6 years...rain sucks...

Oh, I'm retired...sort of :GL:

Bob Bainter

Oceanside Umpire Training School


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...begin around March 16th, here on LI. IT WILL BE COLD!

I can expect 25 or so assignments at the HS level, and I'm waiting on a JUCO schedule.

By June 1, I'll probably have 50-60 games (including scrimmages & spring rec leagues) under my belt.

First meeting: Jan 22

First (HS) clinic: Feb 7...I'll probably be assisting with the mechanics clinic.

JUCO clinic: Feb 22

Plate mechanics clinic: March 20...This one's optional, but I believe clinics should be treated like doctor's visits.

Go annually, whether you think you need it, or not.


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I'm trying to figure out how to deal with a severely reduced availability. My boss has decided I should be in the office (65 miles away) from 9-5, 4 days a week. I had been working from home. Last year, I started the year with 51 hs games. I wound up working 47 between cancellations and makeups.

This year my schedule looks like 17 (Fri/Sat). I won't see the actuals until 2/18. We can just look on arbiter and see what days we are scheduled. I'm thinking abou taking a week's vacation for spring break, but I don't know which week. Around here half the districts take the week before Easter and the other half take the week after. :cheers:

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