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Greetings Gents (and Ladies if any)!

I'm a hit and run ump here. I've been umpiring since about 2000 off and on. I started out working summer leagues with a local group in Herrin (IL) and quickly moved to girls FP and rec ball. After two years and a move I didn't work any ball until around 2003 when I moved to Virginia. After watching a little league game someone inquired about me getting involved and gave me a name. It wasn't too soon I was getting involved with clinics and camps to get ready for baseball.

The training and instruction I received in Virginia was instrumental in keeping baseball on the top of my to-do list of extra activities. After working a lot of lower level rec ball my first year and attending more clinics and associational camps the next off-season, I started seeing more action in the HS level games. I was even given a few games in the local wood-bat leagues. That experience was great. I was teamed up with a veteran official (D1 experience) who gave me great unofficial evaluations of my mechanics both behind the plage and on the bases.

One of my biggest emphasis while umpiring is apperance. Looking professional no matter what level of ball I work in a priority. Combine that with a growing knowledge of the game, I have found, are great keys to success. I will take the time to make sure my shoes are always polished and ready and my pants and shirts are clean and pressed. To me, that helps my mental preparations, too.

My recent move back to Missouri has given a greater hope that I will be able to continue umpire baseball for quite a longer time that my previous track record. I've already hooked up with a local association (that has ties to collegiate and semi-pro games) and have a growing schedule of games. So, I'm pumped for a great year of baseball!

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