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NEW - Diamond DLG Ump Lite 15"

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I am selling a brand new pair of these, as I noticed the first time I tried them on that the awesome knee protection wasn't low-profile enough for my combo pants that I wear behind the dish.

As you can see in the picture, these 15" don't have a gap between the knee and shin guard like the 17" do, so these offer ideal protection. They have ankle protection but don't come with the removable foot guard, which most of you don't need.

Ump-Attire has them for $62 after shipping, so I'm selling them for $45, shipped. Have never been used and are incredibly light.



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    • By redroofwoodworker
      So I opened a topic earlier about a new CP.  I decided to go with the Schutt/Adams.  My next question is about the Schutt Scorpion leg guards.  They look good, but I can't find any sites that have reviews. I also can't seem to find any pics that show the pads on the inside. Has anyone used these?  I am brand new to the college level.  Just attended MAU clinic. Just got assigned my first college game, fall ball.  So I need college level equipment.  I have read good stuff about the champion leg guards, but they look extremely big and bulky.  What does everyone think about wearing good quality catchers shin guards?  I have done that the last few years at the high school level and have been fine.  I"m talking about college now though.  I found a good deal on some Mizuno Samurai shin guards that look adequate.    I'm not into spending an arm and a leg on my equipment.  I like to stay under a hundred.  I might drop over that on a mask, but I'm pretty frugal otherwise.  
    • By JLUmipires
      I am selling... 
      West Vest Gold Chest Protector 11 inch $80 or Best Offer
      Wilson Platnium Shin Gaurds 15.5 inch $50 or Best Offer
      Nike Mask with Team Wendy pads. 
      Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics. Dm me. Thank you.


      Best offer for Nike Mask. Shipping paid by buyer. Ready to ship immediately. Finally added pics.
    • By MadMax
      Just arrived this afternoon:

      Yup, that’s a Diamond DFM-iX3-Pro. For catchers. In aluminum.
      It weighs nothing.
      I gotta say, the pads on this thing, as simple as they are, are better than the default pads on the Umpire version (not the DFM-UMP-BL)! In any case, it’s strong, light, and offers a rather generous eyeport. It won’t bend.
      The only reason this didn’t really gain traction with catchers is because it’s not an All-Star or UnderArmour, or Nike, or Easton (who all use titanium or steel), and the NFHS codes prohibit them. Without them carried on retail shelves, they’re only order-able online, where they get undercut by insanely cheap steel masks (Rawlings, Wilsons and MacGregors) or overlooked in favor of the name-brand starlets (Easton, UnderArmour, All-Star).
      I ordered this mask in for one of my fellow umpires who is using an old TAG -brand steel, bent like a coat hanger would be to be used as a TV antenna. I have a black harness for it, and we’ll be teaming this up with +POS tan leather pads... which should be arriving any day now.
      Oh yeah, the price? Ordered direct from Diamond, $30.
    • By codizzle
      This is just a post out of sheer curiosity. I was wondering what is everyone's, current, primary mask. I'm not as interested in all your masks as there is already a thread for that ( see "Mask Porn"). I'm just curious as to the mask that you use on a regular basis. 
      I currently still use my Nike Ti on a regular basis.

    • By sd181612
      Looking for these shin guards 17”. They seem to be the or predecessors to the current ones offered by Douglas (if anyone has info on that it’d be great). If you have these, please PM me.

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