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So I went on he +POS website tonight to pick up a plate brush, and when I click order it sends me to a completed order page with someone else's info!

Intrigued, I looked up at the url and notice it is this format:


So I figure what the hell and put in:


And what do you know, someone else's order!

Their website security is crap, as is their website in general. Anyway, just thought I would throw out a buyer beware.

I think I will be ordering by phone tomorrow.

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I have a couple of wood handle and a couple of plastic without scrapers. I still have a rawlings I got in a hurry one day. Tahts when I learned to carry several of everything. Couldn't find my brush so stopped at SG store on the way to the park. Bought 2 that day and have never carried less than 3 in my bag since.

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I bought a handful of plastic plate brushes from U/A. All the vendors sell them. No interest in a scraper brush. If it's that muddy, then I don't worry about the plate. Not like I need it to call strikes anyway. :)

+10 I don't even look at the plate. It's more for the battery anyway. If it's wet at all I don't bother. Not putting a nasty brush in my pocket. Dusty, ok. Muddy.... nope
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I like this brush because it fits in the inside, back pocket of my left ball bag, like a gun in a holster.

I cut 1" off the bristles of the new models. It makes it fit better, and work more effectively.

I have used it on muddy plates, and one swipe on the grass cleans it properly.

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