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First real game of the season, finally

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Well last night I had my first real game of the year, no rain, no wind so we were playing.

I was BU, I've said this year I'm going to make an effort not to be a plate whore. Usually I work 70-75% of my games at the plate. In my scrimmage eval I was told to balance it out because it is beginning to show I work at the plate most. I really slaughtered a pivot that day...

Back to last nights game, I had a lot of activity on the bases, and was pleased. I feel I had good position and mechanics, I even was back on track with my pivot.

I keep a notebook in my car of the games on the game info sheet I print from Arbiter, I write what I think went well and not so well in my game after my post game with my partner to get his input.. Here's what I wrote last night:


• Communication with my partner-- one time I pulled the rookie move of a fly to CF I was in C and immediately turned around to take the ball w/o communicating with my partner

• Balks - There was a balk or two I could've/should've called, it's early in the season and and the tone needs to be set so other umps don’t have to take out my trash with coaches saying my guy's been doing that all year and nobody has said anything

• Illegal Pitches-- Same as above Need to pay extra attention as this was a POE this year Pitchers feet in the Windup

• Tracking the ball - I don't feel I was tracking the ball off the bat as well as I should. One play I'm in C, When the ball left the bat I tracked it to RF closer to the line and point to my partner. He shakes his head no and points to me. As I turn around F9 makes the catch in right-center field and I should have seen that from the moment it left the bat.


• I didn't miss a call all game, other than the illegal pitches and a balk or two

• My positioning mechanics and vocals were strong

Tonight I have another game with the winning team from last night and another team which usually fields a pretty good squad. It should be a much better played game and give me some more learning opportunity as I will be on the bases again.

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