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New Balance 460 All Black MLB Umpire Plate Shoes - 10 EE


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Fellow Umpires,

I dont want to bash Jim at ump-attire.com, but he just lost me as customer. Everyone says they have great CS. Until you need to return something. I have easily spent over a $1000 through his site in the last year alone. These shoes don't fit me, so I tried returning them to Jim, but he sent them back claiming they are used. I am honest, they have never been used, other than a brief 20 yard sprint outside on my clean lawn. How else can you tell if they fit properly without testing them?

I have attached pictures and can take more upon request. $90 shipped to your door...

Please PM me and if you want me to send you higher quality pix than you see here.

Thanks ump-attire.





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I have always had great CS there except for a pair of NB base shoes I bought a couple years ago that when I tried them at home fit ok so I wore them at a game for 1/2 an inning. They hurt so bad I had to run to the car and put my old shoes on.

I had to sell them for half price. UA wouldn't take them back.

Any other place I have returned shoes no questions asked.

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What bothers me the most is I sent them back, to have them resent back to me. I am no first time customer either. I purchased most of my SH*#s, hats, WV Plat chest protector, All-star HSM, to name a few items. Wasted $15, so now when I ship these, I will be down $30. Believe me, I know there are plenty of people out there who take advantage of companies, but in this case these shoes were never on the field, and are still brand NEW. I had them on my feet no longer than 5 mins, if that.

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I hate to say this but getting shoes dirty (such as what is visible in your first picture) does in fact make them used. Jim isn't trying to screw you but they are a small business and if they want to stay in business, cannot always absorb the cost on a pair of expensive shoes.

UA can't resell them as new in that condition and more than likely cannot return them to NB because they are not defective.

UA's service is second to none in my experience and I don't think it is fair to hold this against them.

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I agree with Welpe. UA has always done me right on returms...as has Honigs. It just seems that most of my returns to Honigs are due to thier error (TX location). When I have had defective products or products that did not fit correcly UA has always taken care of me. I actually purchased my Rite Temp Pads from UA using credit that I recieved from a defective pair of Reebok Basketball zigs and an unltimate shirt that had stitching coming out in the shoulder area. No issues either time.

Shoe stores will never take back a worn pair of shoes that is dirty. That is why I always try mine on inside and walk around a bit to see if they will work. Sorry that you had an issue, but no need to bad mouth a company that has a good rep. I am not bad mouthing Honigs here either. Just stating that I have had some issues with orders in the past. They do take care of me eventually, but there customer service has not always been up to the level that I have recieved from UA. I am just one customer, but I have sent many people there way with no known issues.

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I try out my shoes by walking around the house in them. No way are they touching the outside till I decide if I keep them.

Oh, and UA is selling NB shoes for $90 new today so you probably won't get any hits until that sale is over unless you lower the price.

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I purchased most of my SH*#s,

Did they allow you to return those?

I suggest avoiding them at all costs. If you try it on they probably wont accept it. Honigs put out some great shirts this year - Go with them.

The question was in the bolded word, I believe he was just trying to lighten the situation.

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