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I guess accusing the umpires of cheating in Virginia is smiled upon by the State rather than frowned upon by such high and mighty coaches. Guess Principles, athletic directors and Superintendents could care less also. Guess coaches run everything in this state. That was not the impression I ever got on this board. Who is this high and mighty tough guy who could care less about his comments, and had no worries. I thought comments like this would pretty much end a coaching career in VA.

If coaches didn't run the State, there is no way they would say this, and in the State tournament no less. But, without penalties, there is no reason not make comments like this.

Tell me I am wrong and that this guy will be lucky to have a job next year.

What's going on in VA.


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  • Clarke County won the contest, 8-1
  • Clarke County ripped 16 hits in the game and committed only one error. Appomattox had four hits and two errors.

Sounds to me that Appomattox just flat out got their A$$ handed to them and the coach was looking for a scapegoat!!!

How many times have we heard things similar to this when one teams gets blasted and the coach has nobody else to blame but himself??

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