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Why is the plate ump in black, and the rest of the crew in polo blue ??????B)

cause it is LL and it makes no sense... I can understand if the Pu is in a Jacket, but not when he is in a shirt

Agreed! Wierd, isn't it?

And the other day, .... I could have sworn the PU had a red undershirt too!!B)


"What's that? Yeah, I'll tell them...."



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I heard it is because of ESPN.

This is what I have been told by someone who knows one of the guys working at WP.

The Powder Blue jersey shows shows dark areas and lines when the PU starts to sweat and shows as two different colors on TV.

Hence ESPN wanted PUs in Black.

They didn't want the world to know that working a LL Game as a PU could be so tough that you would actually sweet with all that gear. B)

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i thought i saw gloves and said "what is the temperature out there?!"

So you also saw U2 with gloves on... ? I was pretty sure I saw that (but was walking past the TV when I saw it, so I could have been mistaken, but then I noted they all were wearing jackets, and it made me wonder if it was cold, or they just decided it would be fun to wear jackets.... :GL: but the gloves really made me wonder.

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It was in the seventies and threatening rain. You have to remember some of these guys are from warm weather areas and 70 is freezing to them.

LOL!!!! Around here, we only wear the "heavy" winter coats if the temp drops below 10º F, anything warmer than that, but less than 40º, and it calls for a light jacket.

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What was the temp in PA yesterday, anyone know?

I noticed in the later game that the base guys were wearing black jackets, and for a minute, I was sure I saw U2 wearing gloves. Anyone else see that? ;)

I saw a guy wearing gloves one time working at the Rogers Centre...when the roof was closed!

I think he should've traded his pants for a skirt, but thats just me.

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What looks really ugly is them guys wearing the Jacket with the Polo Blue stripes and a red undershirt..


Been talking about that fiasco over at .ORG Mazza .....itsn't the combo hideous?!:cheers:

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