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I had a good one last weekend.

Game 2 of a double-header, and I've got the dish. Weather had been cool. About the 4th inning, it started to rain. We all know how home plate can get a little messy...your mighty plate brush is defenseless.

Someone from the 3B dugout starts shouting "Blue, clean that plate so my pitcher can see it." I look and see it's same guy who had been grumbling about several calls. I told him I didn't have anything I could clean it with and asked for a towel. His response was he didn't have one. I said "Ok then, well it stays as-is. I don't see a problem with it." No sooner do I turn around a male voice loudly from the same dugout shouts "You two aren't worth the money we're paying tonight!" I was not definate which one it was and was about to say "That's enough!" before the same guy peeks out from the bench and says "Yeah I said that, talk to me!".

My response: "You're gone."

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Could be trying to delay the game with the rain situation if you play by the old rules. If you just suspend the game and play it later, no problem. But, in those cases where you start over if the proper number of innings are not played, an ejection can be used as a delay technique, so the game cannot be completed. There are other ways to delay the game in a rain situation that others on this board who are well versed and know all the tricks of the trade can tell you all about.

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no brainer.......good EJ......thanks for playing.........he bought the ticket to the parking lot.....all you did was punch it.......

Hope he did pay for parking because I am refusing to Validate for him...lol

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