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NABA Spring Training Tournament - 50+ Division.

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This weekend is the 2012 NABA Spring Training Tournament in AZ.

I was lucky enough to draw the 50+ Division.... :-)

All in all, I must say that it was a pretty enjoyable 3 hour 9 inning game. I think the final was something like 28-5??

They have some weird tournament rules that even the players said they aren't even used to in regular season:

No stealing. Any pitched ball that hits the ground is dead. The ball is only live once the pitcher pitches.

Needless to say, my partner in the field had one easy day...

Looking forward to the bases on Sunday!! :HD:

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That's really weird rules.

So you don't qualify for the 50+ group yet?

I get it.

I don't know, Rich: they play Masters sports in Australia, and I've had the 50+ group there. And they play real baseball, with none of those 'age-related' rules.

Sure, they drink afterwards even harder than the other divisions - and, given we're talking about Aussies, that's pretty bleeping impressive.

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