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Power search - hacks, tips and tricks

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Hi All -

As you probably already know, the search feature within U/E is not the best. For example, trying to search for ("OBS" "2B") will not yield any results due to the short length of the search strings. This is not a U/E problem but actually a limitation in MySQL (the database program that drives sites like U/E. While there are plugins that work around it, they don't work that well.

Good News. Google rocks at search. Google indexes this site every day, so you should be able to find whatever you need.

Go to a Google search bar and type in

site:umpire-empire.com obs 2b

and you will get lots of results specifically from U/E only. Are you looking for MLB videos regarding Mechanics discussions?


site:umpire-empire.com ""ent_id" "umpire mechanics"

and you will get results from the Umpire Mechanics sub forum which include URLs from mlb.com.

This works for any site, of course. Lets say you are looking for a particular play in one of the 31 LLWS games, or you want to know which games your umpire friends worked:

Once you are familiar with the nomenclature used on the pointstreak site, you can use search strings like this in the Google search box to find what you are looking for:

site:llws.bbstats.pointstreak.com/boxscore.html ("Lee Batterman" OR "Toby Hoy")

site:llws.bbstats.pointstreak.com/boxscore.html replay overturned

site:llws.bbstats.pointstreak.com/boxscore.html "Field Ump #2: Nancy Prieto"

site:llws.bbstats.pointstreak.com/boxscore.html Georgia "error by the third baseman"

Google has lots of other tools that will let you limit your result by a particular week, month or any time period for that matter. You can limit your results to those that have pictures.


site:umpire-empire.com obs

Then Click "Show search tools" on the left menu column, then click "Sites with images"


Hope this helps!!

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This has been one of the things which have been most requested, Sooooo..

I've integrated Google site search as the primary search for the site. You can still click the advanced search icon next to the search box to return to the traditional and advanced systems search.

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This has helped me catch a great deal on craigslist. Look at the equipment forum for details under "one of those guys"

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