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David from TN. My son and I attended the Southern Ump Camp this past week. Alex and I had a fantastic time, we learned a ton, was humilated once, OK twice and made a few new umpire friends. I was keeping my fingers crossed during the raffle hoping to get the camp tuition. (I needed whatever lucky charm Warren was carrying) I didnt get the tuition but did end up with a nice MLB ump hat signed by the two MLB guys that were there.

Do not pass up a chance to go to this or any other clinic/camp. I thought I was at worst a slightly above average umpire. Now I know I have a ways to go before I even reach average, using my new standards.

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Moriarty the Italian guy :question1:

Glad to have you here!

While I did win tuition for the next camp again, I declined the prize thinking it might end with me being devorced (cheeper to keep her). :rollinglaugh:

I will be back again sometime. I forgot to ask Tony if they would keep doing the camps in Goldsboro, but if they do I can see myself going there some time in the not too distant future.

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He is 16 and has been umpiring 2 years. Started in coach pitch for one spring and then moved up to 9-10 and some 11-12 league ball. We will be doing 5 middle school scrimmage games this Saturday. My assignor said he was sending a guy that had little to no experience, no plate gear, etc. I jokingly said, "should I bring my son?". After a few minutes of discussion, Alex is now on the payroll. I am not too sure how well this will go, but Alex is man sized teen and handles himself professionally.

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Who are your relatives? If they do sports around here I may known them.

We did 5 games today and the only real mishaps were as follows...

Alex took a hard hit ground ball to the knee cap. He juked when he should of jived.

I was clearing the catcher on a ball hit down the 3rd base line and he stepped back and tripped me. I am on the ground calling a foul ball. Oooops. His team's parents were hollering "nice tackle".

We were on the field for 7.5 hours, and my legs are paying for it already. I still need work on the communication aspect. I verbally communicate but have a hard time getting a visual of my partner while on the bases and I go out on a ball. Luckily, Alex knows I go out on anything and everything just to make him work harder.

We left with 175 each and ate at the local steakhouse on the way home in celebration of his first "big boy" game.

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