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Champion Chest Protector

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So i have read that i want to purchase the older version of the p210.

which one is the older one? (yes i know the one says 08 but i want to confirm)




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Just an eBay tip: When you're dealing with a big dealer on eBay, with a "Best Offer" option, it's more than likely automated, with a set minimum price. It has $60 buy it now, but I recall other folks getting them for 40. So start low, and work you way up until your offer is accepted. Then let the rest of us know.

It's a decent backup rig, or a great starter chest protector.

Edit: Another trick is to look through the sellers feedback, for like items. They've sold one for $37.50, and several others for $40. As I recall, you only get so many attempts at low balling, So I'd start at $30, and work up. Good luck.

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