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Ichiro's Ejection

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I will first say I've been a fan if Ichiro's for a long time. I've always admired his work ethic, his hustle and the way he always seems to deliver when needed/

Yesterday Ichiro did the most boneheaded thing possible and drew a line in the dirt after looking at K3. This was his first EJ in either MLB or in Japan.

Congratz to these announcers who actually got it right.


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I didn't care for the punchout, preceding the artestry in dirt. It seemed like it was right in his face, as he turned around.

Yeah, I noticed that. Looks like he was resopnding to something he said but can't tell for sure. That may have been his normal mechanic but instead of leaving the batter just hung around so he could express himself artisticly.

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So this is Ichiro's first?

Well, at least he made it a no-brainer. :angel4:

And how many umpires know what he might be saying when he's speaking in his native language?

When I was playing men's little league (MSBL) a few years' ago, I'd swear all the time and never get thrown out. But I was swearing... in Irish. :banghead:

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Yeah I saw that game when I was out to eat one night, I ignored my girl friend as I saw him strike out and said out loud "Of $h!t runge is going to ring him up." The second I said that he tossed him. lol Of course I had to explain what ring him up meant.. woman.. :D


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Talk about raising the dead.

This is a 5 month old thread you are now posting on. B)

Seriously, and this is like the 5th post in this section he did this to.

That EJ from Ichiro was the only Mariner player EJ all of last year....LOL

But if you seen the video Ichiro pointed right where the ball crossed...LOL

Thats pretty impressive that it took until last September for a team to have an EJ. I love the announcers talking about drawing a line. First and only time I have heard someone get that right on TV.

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Since we're already complaining about the bump on this thread, I'll chime in sure.

I thought it was hilarious. I've never seen an MLB player do that to an umpire, but that it was Ichiro who had never been EJ'd just made it funny to me.

Ichiro's one of my favorite players -- if he played his whole career in MLB we'd mention him in the same breath as Cobb, Gehrig, Ripken, Mantle, et al

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