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Beach Blast tourney

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I worked the Beach Blast baseball tourney ( www.beachblastbaseball.com ) this weekend. 8 games over the 3 days 6 of them behind the plate. The last five, I was partnered with a rookie who doesn't do the plate. Temps got to 80 and humid on Monday.

The tourney was under Fed rules. I worked the 13u level. The worst thing that happened was in the final game my rookie partner ran into a F6 trying to make an easy fly ball catch. All runners safe. Ouch! Sorry coach. Probably didn't have any real impact on the final result but at the time it kept a rally alive that went from 4 runs to 6 runs after what could have been an easy 3rd out.

SOme of the other things I can remember:

  • The coach who said his pitcher didn't need to stop because it was his natural motion.
  • I lost track of the count after a foul ball. I said 0-1, F2 says 0-2 Blue, batter turns to me and says yeah blue theres 2 strikes. I congratulated the batter for his integrity and let his coach know about also.
  • 6 of the games were 10 run games, ended on the mercy rule. All but the final came in under the 2 hour curfew.

It was fun and I'll be back there for the July 4th tourney.

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