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Found 3 results

  1. So this Saturday I was all set to officiate the semi finals for the county volleyball championships. Both semis are played back to back, with one official up for the first match and their partner down the first match, and then the two officials y switch for the second match. For most parts of the country, county championships mean little, but in New Jersey, they are a big deal because there are so many schools in each county. Last night I got a call from my assigner. He said he had to remove me because I am on the "no" list for one of the schools. Not because of my ability to officiate
  2. 394 107584 R1 11/19/2016 Sat 2:00 PM Volleyball, Tournament of Champions William Paterson University TBA TBA $80.00 Accepted on 11/3/2016 Just received this assignment today! Better than state finals...... all the pressure of winning for the teams is off. Can't wait to allow this match call itself!
  3. I just received notice that I will be the lead official next Saturday for one of the state finals in women's volleyball. Just like good baseball, good volleyball is a joy to officiate. Most of the time, the game calls itself. I will do my best to not suck!
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