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Found 1 result

  1. On 6/20/15, Red Sox C Swihart was out at 2 on CS. The call was that the tag was applied before Swihart touched the base. Red Sox challenged. The replay showed Swihart beat the tag. However, the replay also showed that subsequent to the pop-up slide by Swihart, his momentum took him off the base while the tag was still applied. After a lengthy Replay Review, the call on the field was confirmed. The crew chief went over to Red Sox manager Farrell and explained why - Swihart did beat the tag, but the call on the field stood anyway, since he subsequently came off the base while the tag was still applied. Here's the play: http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/63817564/v178877383/boskc-perez-nabbing-swihart-confirmed-by-review Questions: Q1) From "Major League Baseball Replay Review Regulations" the following is stated: "Specificity of the Challenge. When invoking a Manager's Challenge or otherwise requesting a Crew Chief review, it is the Manager's responsibility to ensure that the Umpire knows the specific calls for which he is seeking Replay Review, but the Manager need not state the reason for his belief that the call was incorrect. (For example, in order to challenge an "out" call on a force play at first base, the Manager need not state that the throw pulled the fielder off the bag, the runner reached first base before the ball was caught, etc.) Moreover, the Replay Official shall have no authority to review any calls other than those included in a Manager's Challenge or those accepted for review by the Crew Chief." Does this imply that a Manager CAN specify the reason for his belief that the call was incorrect, and in this case if Farrell had done so (by indicating he was challenging specifically the ruling on the field that the tag beat Swihart to the base), does that mean the Replay Official could not review whether Swihart's left the bag after the slide, and the Red Sox would have won the challenge? (The Royals could have then challenged what happened after the slide, but at a minimum the Red Sox would have retained their challenge.) Q2) After the pop-up slide, Swihart's momentum took his hands and body onto the back of the crouched-over infielder, and his foot left the bag while the tag was still applied. It looks like Swihart saw the out call begin to be made while his foot was still on the bag. His hands were on the infielder's back at the time. Swihart relaxed the force of his contact with the infielder, and let his momentum take him off the base. It could have been argued that if Swihart saw that he was ruled safe rather than out, he would have stopped his momentum and kept his foot on the base. When the Crew Chief went over to Farrell to explain why the ruling on the field stood, could Farrell have argued that? If he made that argument, could there have been another review? Q3) A more generic question, using this play as an example. As I said in Q2, if Swihart saw that he was ruled safe rather than out, it could be argued that he would have stopped his momentum and remained on the base. His hands were already on the crouched-over infielders back. Could Swihart have used the infielder's back as leverage to keep him foot on the bag, e.g. rather than relax his arms and allow his body to carry forward (and off the base), could he have applied subtle additional force to the back of the infielder to remain on the base? Q4) Another generic question: In a case such as this, can a Replay Official rule on the "intent" of a player, in the event that the player may have acted differently if the call on the field was different? In the example of Swihart, could he rule based on what he thought would happen subsequent to the slide if the ruling on the field was correct - and Swihart believed he was called safe rather than called out?
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