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Found 69 results

  1. The Pro-Model umpire shin guards provide more protection above the knee from the triple-knee design than other shin guards and more size options than other Wilson models. Unique triple knee design provides maximum above-the-knee protection.Contoured inner padding is nylon shell with foam for superb comfort to both knee and leg - same padding design as Wilson Platinum and Gold chest protectorsFloating lower knee for better flex upon bendingExpanded ankle plates provide maximum ankle more protection.Velcro connects padding to outer shell allowing for easy removal and cleaning.Stitched plastic for added durabilityInstep plate can be worn when not wearing plate shoes (Note: When wearing plate shoes, umpires typically remove. Unfortunately, the plates here are only removable by cutting them off.)MLB logo on ankle plateBlack color with gold "W" logo matches Wilson Gold chest protectorAdjustable sizing: (16"-17" or 18"-19") for custom fit of most knee to foot lengths. Sizes are not the full length of the shin guard but the distance between where the middle of your knee would go to where your leg meets your foot.Wilson is the official umpire gear of Major League Baseball® and Minor League Baseball®.Weight: 16/17- 5.2 lbs., 18/19- 5.6 lbs.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  2. Floating Mask system with extended cage absorbs up to 50% more impact than regular masks Dri-Lex moisture management liner Removable premium leather chin and forehead pads Strategic venting reduces weight and maximizes air flow Water-resistant carry bag included Fits sizes 7 - 7 5/8
  3. Features: Light titanium wire frame makes this the lightest Wilson mask available at 1 lb and 3 ounces (0.6 kg).Standard curved profile frame shape offers more angles for greater force deflection.Absorbent inner natural tan leather padding with outer black PU leather for durabilityWrap around style for greater protectionVelcro adjustmentsThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  4. NEW Wilson Aluminum Dyna-Lite Mask The "weight" is over! Get it here first! As seen at Major League stadiums, get the professional quality and protection you need, at a price you want! Save $10 Exclusive Introductory Offer For our loyal customers only, purchase the highly anticipated Wilson Aluminum Dyna-Lite Mask for $99.99! (retails for $109.99) Use code DYNA9999 for your loyalty discount. Don't "weight"! Offer expires 8/31/14. Buy Now! ©2014 Ump-Attire.com Ump-Attire.com | Contact Us | 877.243.1421 C
  5. ***More Gear Will be Added to this Thread**** 1. Wilson WV Platinum (Size L/XL)- Used but in like new condition (around 15 games). Virtually no marks on the CP. SOLD 2. Original Wilson WV 13.5†Protector (WTA3209) - This is the original WV that Wilson made. It is new w/tags. It is not the current 3209, but the older one with the original WV graphics. Would be a great protector to use or have as a collectors item. There are some minor scratches on the service of the plates from storage, but this has not been worn in a game. SOLD 3. All-Star System 7 CP 15" (L) (CPU 4000) + Extra set New of CP padding Gear was used for about ½ of a season +/- 20 plate games. Gear is in good condition. Delta-Flex on the CPU is brand new and never worn. About a ½ to ¼ inch was removed from the neck area of the chest plate. It allowed for a little freer neck movement….I am one of those big/short necked people and stock this protector does not work well for people with a large neck. I will also include a brand new set of replacement pads for the CPU. SOLD 4. Double Knee Shin Guards 17" (S) (LGU 2000)- The shin guards show a little rust on the on the buckles, but are in good shape. 5. Wilson WV Gold (L/XL)- Older model with the late WV on the chest. In good shape. A great candidate to purchase if you are thinking of a Team Wendy Upgrade. SOLD Nothing is wrong with any of this stuff. I have a bunch of gear and I need to cut back on what I don’t use. I would feel comfortable wearing any of this gear at any level I umpire (LL, HS, JUCO, NCAA DIII). Please PM me if you have any questions. Check my record on the transaction experience thread. Paypal only (send money to a friend so everyone avoids fees). I might put some on Ebay, but trying here first. I like to keep good gear in the family.
  6. After searching this forum and using the Google machine, I've seen surprising little on the Wilson WTA3017 mask. I'd like to know if anyone has opinions, recommendations or cautions for or against using one.
  7. Hi all, For sale is a BRAND NEW complete "Fonzie" set up. A BRAND NEW Mizuno 122, BRAND NEW SSK Spyder throat guard, and Wilson black/grey wrap-around pads used for only 3 games. They are in great condition! Selling without a mask harness. Payment must be made through Paypal and money sent as a gift to a friend. Just $260US will get you a complete big league rig! Free shipping to the lower 48 states. Please PM with offers and if you have any questions! Thanks
  8. Testing the market on a Wilson Dynalite with new doeskin wrap around pads that i purchased from bkesler and have yet to use. This mask also comes with a 6' Wilson Throat Guard. The frame is in good condition and the pads are in mint condition. Im in the market for Wilson platinum or Unequal shin guards. I am interested in selling or trading for a pair of shin guards. PM me with offers. Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for some replacement pads for a Honigs double bar that I just recently purchased. It will be used as a back up mask to my Wilson Dynalite. I still want high quality pads and I'm thinking Team Wendy or Wilson doeskin pads, however I will consider purchasing anything. Thanks
  10. I have a Wilson HSM that is in need of a paint job. It is the matte finish that feels kind of rubbery and I was wondering if there was a good paint that could be used to repaint this helmet or if it is even possible. I'm pretty good with spray paint and making things look good using only spray paint (I've done several guitars with nothing but spray paint from autozone that people swear look as good as from the factory). I've searched and there's plenty on painting/powdercoating the cage, but nothing on painting the shell itself. Not trying to be fancy, just want to improve the look a little.
  11. For sale is a pair of brand new Black and Grey Wrap Around Wilson Pads. $35 Shipped. Paypal only. PM if you are interested.
  12. Selling or trading my Wilson Titanium frame and MLB harness. Purchased the mask from Jim at ump-attire, and swapped out the original pads with Team Wendys. I then bought the All-Star 4000 and replaced the bottom stock pad with the Team Wendys, leaving the All-star forehead pad alone as it has a slightly different curvature to it. Looking for $70+ shipping so I can get a new All Star 4000. Would also trade it for a well-maintained used All-Star 4000 and $30 or a black majestic medium shirt. Positive trade already made with another member in here: http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/51925-transaction-experience-thread/?p=165919 I can include the top Team Wendy's pad if you want, or remove it if you won't need it and want to save a bit on shipping.
  13. Selling my Wilson A3009X. The pads are in new condition. Make me an offer. This mask new sells between $60-$70. Willing to trade for some TW pads or a silver face mask. PayPal only as form as payment. PM me for more information.
  14. Offering up a Wilson Low Profile Titanium Mask, I used this for one season just not for me. Only issue is with the pads which I put my last name in so you may need to invest in a new set of those but the harness and mask are in great shape. Make me an offer!
  15. Have new, unused/unworn Team Wendy retrofit chest protector padding for this protector. Asking $115 shipped to you in the continental 48 states. This service costs $119 by Team Wendy and that does not include shipping to & from their headquarters. I can provide pictures upon request. Please PM if interested or would like pics....Thank you! edited to update b/c Platinum padding has been sold
  16. I have a Low Profile Wilson Mask (will need some new pads as my last name is written inside of them), mask used for no more than 15 games and no dings or dents to frame and harness is pristine as well and a pair of barely used (worn just once) of Diamond Featherlite Shins (17"). Pics are below and please ask any questions if you have them. Make me a reasonable offer for either or better yet both. Thanks. Curtis
  17. Here I have a Wilson Titanium Mask (Standard) with the Natural Tan Padding. Mask has never been worn in a game, just tried on and adjusted for game use (some black electrical tape for straps) Electrical tape is off and new pic of the back of the mask. These retail on Ump Attire for around $198 and even though it is brand new, I don't expect to get that price here so make me an offer and I guarantee that you will be satisfied. Any questions just shoot em my way. Thanks.
  18. Ok so I have been doing some reasearch lately and am at a loss. I have my heart set on the wilson west vest PRO model. This is the one that looks like the charcoal but it is black in coloration. Does anyone have any experience with this CP or does anyone have any advice on the wilson hard shell CPs. Everywhere I have looked online have almost zero information on the west vest pro. Thanks everyone in advance. Also I am 5'6 170lbs and am having some trouble deciding on what size to go for as well.
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