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Found 4 results

  1. When does the ball become dead when the umpire interferes with the catcher trying to throw out a runner who is stealing?
  2. Ouch .....   and .....is the crew in the field wearing the new Cool base?  Is that what that jacket is?   http://m.mlb.com/video/v83868283
  3. I volunteered to proofread our Fed Study Guide and received it yesterday. There is a question and I know the answer, but cannot find the correct rule cite. R1 is stealing when the catcher’s hits the umpire’s mask on the throw and the ball goes into center field. The runner tries for third and is thrown out by the center fielder. a. Runner on 1st is returned to second. b. Runner on 1st is called out if the umpire believes the interference prevented the catcher’s throw from retiring R1. c. This is not umpire interference; the umpire is a part of the field. The play stands. d. Since the initial throw by the catcher did not retire R1, umpire’s interference is enforced. The ball is dead. Return R1 to 1st base. I have "d" as the correct answer, but cannot find a rule that backs it up. 7-4-5 Penalty discusses what to do "when an attempt to put out a runner at any other base is unsuccessful" but cannot find similar language for when an umpire interferes with the catcher's attempt to put out a runner. Thanks.
  4. Weird home plate call tonight, please give advice or rule citations: After pitching a pitch, the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher as normal. When pitcher starts to walk to the mound, the runner who is on 3B (leading off) tries to steal home while pitcher is walking back to the mound after receiving the ball from the catcher. Seeing this happen suddenly, the HP umpire pushed our catcher out of the way to get to the batter. The umpire intentionally pulls/pushes the batter out of the box (batter really as no idea runner is coming home) as to make room for the runner who is attempting to steal home so there will not be an interference call. In our league the batter must get out of the box when a runner is coming home or it is an automatic out. I believe that when the umpire pushes the catcher out of the way to get to the batter, it would fall under "Umpire Interference" in my opinion but would welcome any thoughts or rules. My main questions is where (if any) is it stated in the rule book that an umpire cannot intentionally touch a player (batter or runner)? This clearly gave advantage to the offensive team by physically moving the batter so the runner is not called out. Is there such a rule that deals with an umpire intentionally moving/helping/aiding a player? Or a travesty of game rule to be cited? I would love any input anyone has. This was a 12yr old LL game. Thanks Long time ump and coach recrhett
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