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  1. Can the experts on here confirm that this is a Nike or Not?
  2. Now that I've got three masks, I figure I may as well get rid of my old one and someone can get some use out of it. Still in great condition with only the occasional scuff on the frame itself. Asking $20 plus shipping, payable via PayPal. Pics are huge, so here's an imgur album instead: http://imgur.com/a/iwnYY
  3. I'm not fishing for replies on this posting. In fact, if we don't post much on this thread other than the occasional Discount or Sale or Promotion as they come up, and notify the rest of the community, that would be ideal and appreciated. With that said... Better Baseball is running a 15%-off Catcher's Gear Weekend, this includes traditional masks and HSM's. May apply to certain CP's and shinguards too. Sale runs 9/5/14 - 9/7/14 at www.betterbaseball.com and use the promo code: "CATCH15" when checking out.
  4. The folks at All-Star disturb me. Oh, I applaud the effort and attention to detail their product designers have. The FM2000 (which @Thunderheads loves) screams "Branding!" with its bar layout in the shape of the company logo. Cute. Verrrrry cute. Then, All-Star took an even more aggressive step in the development of their System 7 MVP masks (MVP4000, MVP2500, et.al.) and gave them an iconic, readily-recognized grill layout, different from everyone else's (at the time). Nearly every HSM-wearing catcher in the Majors was equipped with one, and that form has since driven the market. The grill layout got to be so recognizable and trustworthy that the design team then placed it as the foundation for their debuting FM4000 traditional mask {TM}. It really stands out amongst the rest of the U-&-inverted-U masks on the market. Now, in a super-hush-hush move, it looks like the design team has been at it again... or, a MVP2500 and a FM2000 were left alone overnight in the lab together. Cue the Barry White... The FM1500 - A few online retailers have it available, but I can't tell if it's a legit baseball mask, or is intended for softball only... Or this is the mask that All-Star doesn't want us to know about yet. Oh the scandal!
  5. I landed a CHEAP Nike steel mask yesterday on Ebay .... the one that's shaped like the Ti, but it's not, ... ala Alex Avila and Curt Suzuki ....
  6. I'm looking for some replacement pads for a Honigs double bar that I just recently purchased. It will be used as a back up mask to my Wilson Dynalite. I still want high quality pads and I'm thinking Team Wendy or Wilson doeskin pads, however I will consider purchasing anything. Thanks
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321332505092 Hey guys. Listed it on Ebay 2 minutes ago but wanted to give you the Buy It Now opportunity. $75 for the rig, shipped. Would cost about $109 to do it yourself. Only flaw is the slit on the TW pads, as I used them on an All-Star fm4000 mask. Bought an All-Star TI from boyinr, so this one became expendable. Diamond ix3 mask is a lightweight beast, if you're not aware. Should easily last a decade.
  8. Interesting video in the 2014 Sochi Olympics about the kevlar that Unequal uses for protection in their umpire products. http://www.9news.com/news/article/376988/188/Alpine-skier-Julia-Mancuso-trains-underwater
  9. Hey all posting for a friend: MIZUNO 2QA122 Imported from Japan, with new Honig’s Doeskin pads. Powder coated charcoal gray to match charcoal pants, but can be powder coated any color. New perfect condition! For more information contact seller (402) 641-3161 or canuck.umpire@gmail.com. $200(OBO)
  10. HS 18U Travel Ball -- F2 sets up inside, F1 throws a fast ball it bounces in the dirt and F2 misses it with his glove. It nails me in the face and knocks my mask off. The hit was hard enough to crack my throat guard. DC comes flying out of the dugout to see if I am okay, I turn and smile and say "Thank you "insert name", I didn't even feel it. Team Wendys is 110% worth it's money. No doubt about it, my partner bought his pair this morning after seeing the "ill effects"
  11. Selling or trading my Wilson Titanium frame and MLB harness. Purchased the mask from Jim at ump-attire, and swapped out the original pads with Team Wendys. I then bought the All-Star 4000 and replaced the bottom stock pad with the Team Wendys, leaving the All-star forehead pad alone as it has a slightly different curvature to it. Looking for $70+ shipping so I can get a new All Star 4000. Would also trade it for a well-maintained used All-Star 4000 and $30 or a black majestic medium shirt. Positive trade already made with another member in here: http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/51925-transaction-experience-thread/?p=165919 I can include the top Team Wendy's pad if you want, or remove it if you won't need it and want to save a bit on shipping.
  12. I'm thinking of getting the Rawlings TI. I already have the All-Star FM4000. Was thinking of using one for day and one for night games. How is the Rawlings TI? Good vision? Profile? Weight?
  13. I'm getting the all-star FM4000 (aka: system 7) mask. I hear a lot of TW pads. I was wondering if someone can tell me 100% that they will fit? The problem is, the FM4000, the top is curved to fit the forehead.
  14. Selling my Wilson A3009X. The pads are in new condition. Make me an offer. This mask new sells between $60-$70. Willing to trade for some TW pads or a silver face mask. PayPal only as form as payment. PM me for more information.
  15. Moe

    Good Mask

    I currently have the FM2000UMP and I like it because of the curved forehead pad that fits nicely against my forehead. I looked at the Wilson line and it`s not shaped like that. My all-star is 18.5oz. The FM4000UMP is a little bit lighter, but is it worth it? I only got my FM2000UMP last year.
  16. I called my first game in the new gear: Diamond Light Mask, w/ Team Wendy's Wilson West Vest Platinum Took two wicked foul balls and one dirt bounding wild pitch. DID NOT FEEL A THING. I can honestly say....WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG....
  17. Cleaning out the Umpire closet today and decided it was time to unload some stuff that I don't use anymore. Nothing is wrong with any of it. Some of it was never even used in a game. Prices are negotiable. PM me if you are interested. I keep all of my stuff really clean and maintained. Reebok Base Shoes size 11- Worn for one season. Nothing wrong very clean. MLB logo on heel. I own way too many base shoes ($15) SOLD Reebok Plate Magistrates size 11- Old-style mid cut. Size 11. Worn for about three seasons. $45. SOLD Schutt Air Flex 1- Worn twice. Worked well. Have 3 other CPs that I rotate so I don't need it anymore. ($65) SOLD New Balance 450s size 11.5- Worn for one season (20-25 plate games). Been in the closet since. Great shoes. I just like the Reeboks better. Very clean ($50)SOLD +Pos Zero G Mask- Brand new never worn in a game. ($40-Compare to $49.95 from +Pos) SOLD All prices are plus shipping. I will not jack up shipping costs. What I pay is what you pay. Paypal only....not really interested in a trade, but I might be willing to listen.
  18. I just received the new diamond mask with the upgraded padding and the silver finish. I have always been a HSM guy but I decided I would try something new. Does anyone know exactly how tight the mask should be? I want it tight enough where I'm protected but loose enough where it isn't counterproductive.
  19. Got my mask back from Cajun and it looks awesome.
  20. I have a Mizuno 2QA122 Frame and a harness for sale. $85 Shipped. PM me.
  21. So.... Guess who has in their equipment bag TWO TITANIUM NIKE MASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : B) Yes, I'm bragging!!!
  22. So i got this new mask have not wore it yet. Well it has this bar at the bottom going right down the middle of the All-Star Logo. So if I want to put new pads on it. Like the Team Wendy's or Wilson I would have to cut a slit on the strap on the new pads. Has anyone else had to do this?
  23. http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=21920911&topic_id=8879838&c_id=mlb
  24. I have up for sale a new navy blue Nike catcher/umpire mask replacement pads. Asking $150.00 or best offer, the price includes shipping thru USPS. Also have two Nike masks for sale, new with tags, asking $900.00 or best offer also free shipping thru USPS. I'm planning on listing them on eBay in May if they are not interested here. For any questions or offers I can be reach at gnhbua93@hotmail.com.
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