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  1. My Unequal is again for sale. Only has 5 games on it. I love the low profile and it fits well, it just isn't what I'm looking for. $175 shipped to the lower 48. PM me...paypal friends and family.
  2. Here is my west vest gold retrofitted with team wendy pads. holy s#!t this thing is thin and low profile! This weekend I had the chance to see the unequal chest protector up close. I would say that my west vest is as thick as an unequal + the plastic plates! The padding is about 3/4 of an inch thick. Here are a few pics...
  3. FOR SALE: All-Star System 7 Chest Protector (size L - 15"). I've owned this CP for almost two years and have used it for 30-40 games. Overall in great shape. The top of the logo has faded a bit, but everything else is great. Asking $110 (shipping included).
  4. Up for sale is a used in very good condition Wilson Vintage Gold M/L. $125 plus shipping. Payment thru PayPal as a gift to a friend. If you want photos of it PM your phone number and I will text you the photos.
  5. I'm looking for a 12 inch Douglas in good condition. I would like to score it for around 150 maybe a little more shipped, not entirely sure if that's a long shot or not. if I cant find one by Tuesday next week I am going to purchase a WVP so any help would be appreciated but if not I don't think I will be disappointed. you can PM me here, or you can email me at andrewbrown0330@yahoo.com. I could even make a 13 work if that can broaden the spectrum a bit.
  6. Association umpire switch from the Platinum to the gold so now wants to sell the Platinum. $90 + shipping and it's all yours. Tag is gone, pics included for size help. the umpire is in his second full year so the Platinum got minimal usage.
  7. Hi All, This is a question for the ladies. I'm looking for a new chest protector for softball, but am after some advice on something that fits 'best' for females. My current chest protector doesn't sit very well and is very bulky - I look like a terminator. I'd like something a little more subtle and the highest level I would be umpiring is U17/U19 state championships. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nic
  8. I searched and couldn't find anything about it, but would the delta flex harness work with a Champion P210? I love the cp, just not the harness that comes on it and I was wondering if a delta flex would fit it.
  9. Custom made Douglas 13" Chest Protector but with the extra shoulder pads for added protection. Also has the All-Stars Harness which make the protector fit like gloves. No slippage for added comfort. This is truly a Top of the Line Umpire Chest Protector. This umpire chest protector is suitable for Major League Umpires down to youth baseball. Douglas is a major brand that manufactures Baseball and Football protective gear. Feel free to send me any questions you may have! Make me Offers!
  10. Would anyone really buy this? Why do sellers even bother!!!! Wilson Gold
  11. I have a Champion P210 riveted version chest protector for sale. $50 plus S/H via PayPal. PM for more info
  12. Up for sale is a WV Gold chest protector. It allegedly belonged to Jeff Kellogg. It is used but the padding and hardshell are in good shape. I've cleaned it and wiped it down. Make me offer. PayPal only. $10 shipping.
  13. For those in the group that purchased UE CP . I'm curious about you're experience so far , and up to what level ball you have worked . The buzz around this product seems to have died down since this past summer/fall . Any feed back is encouraged , if what i have read on the JE site is accurate , some additional new products are coming in the future ? There is one gentleman , here in my local area that purchased the UE , he doesn't work HS , but does some travel ball 16u and up otherwise he does youth ball mostly . I haven't spoken to him in a few months , I will see him soon at a meeting later this month . Marc
  14. How do you get dressed for a plate job? Post the order you get dressed in and any superstitions you may have as far as getting dressed (I.E. left/right shoe first) 1.) Compression shorts 2.) Nutty Buddy 3.) Under armor Jock (The one that comes with the nutty buddy I don't like as much as my under armor jock) 4.) Compression Tights (Runners Leggings, whatever you want to call them) 5.) COTTON black crew length socks (Cotton gives better grip to the ankle straps on shin guards to keep them from spinning) 6.) Honigs Poly Wool Plate Pants (Pants unzipped with inner retainer button fastened, outside fasteners undone until shirt is on) 7.) Reebok Field Magistrate Mid Cut Plate Shoes 8.) Boston Patent Leather Belt (leaving belt unbuckled until uniform shirt and chest protector are on) with Honigs Ball Bags (Left and Right Ball Bag) 9.) Honigs k2010-17 shin guards over the tongue of the plate shoes and obviously under my plate pants, ankle plates removed (And if you must know, I put my left shin guard on first, superstitious) 10.) Undershirt (Color of undershirt depending on color of uniform shirt i am wearing that day obviously) 11.) Wilson Gold Chest Protector/ Wilson Platinum Chest protector depending on my mood for the day (Both With Delta Flex Harness and "Peck Pads" removed on the gold) 12.) Uniform shirt 13.) Zip and fasten pants 14.) Buckle Belt 15.) Put plate brush in back right pocket (of my pants, can't stand digging in ball bags for anything but baseballs) 16.) Indicator in Front Left Pocket 17.) Pen in front right pocket (I've kept them in shirt pockets before, a couple foul balls and ruined shirts later I've learned to keep it in my pants pocket) 18.) Walk to field with Wilson Shock FX Titanium in left hand.
  15. I have a Diamond ix3 chest protector and i was wondering if anyone else here used one and what they thought of it. I've used it for a year and i was wondering if this was a good one to stick with for the long haul or if i should be saving to upgrade sometime in the future? I like the CP but it doesn't have any actual plastic for protection, just high impact foam. I call HS and down at the moment so its not like I'm doing any major college ball. Not to make this post any longer, but I just wanna say that I'm new to the site and love it so far. I've learned so much just in my first day of reading and seeing what you guys think about different situations. I hope to learn as much as I can! Thanks! Name's Terry by the way.
  16. Have new, unused/unworn Team Wendy retrofit chest protector padding for this protector. Asking $115 shipped to you in the continental 48 states. This service costs $119 by Team Wendy and that does not include shipping to & from their headquarters. I can provide pictures upon request. Please PM if interested or would like pics....Thank you! edited to update b/c Platinum padding has been sold
  17. After my first year of youth ball, I'm going to jump into the world of HS baseball this coming spring. To get started, I bought everything Diamond because it seemed to be good intermediate stuff, and it has been. I know I'll need to get a hard plastic CP for HS ball this spring. I've read all the threads about the fits, sizing, ribs, heat, shoulder gaps, what's "cool," ect. My situation is a little more specific - I had open heart surgery a few years back. I'm a fit/slender guy so I don't have any additional padding and my sternum is still somewhat fragile. I think I've narrowed my search between the WV Gold and Douglas. Although I wore nothing but All-Star as a catcher, the reviews of the System 7 fit makes me nervous. My question is to those of you that have worn multiple "pro" CPs, which of these do you feel gave the best chest protection? Specifically, the middle chest/sternum area.
  18. Does anyone use this chest protector? If so up to what level is it safe to be used? I know that Midwest Ump did a review of it but I can no longer access his page. I would appreciate information about this chest protector from some who has used it. Also this is the Champro hard shell protector. Thanks Lefty
  19. Does anyone have any experience with them? How is the quality and fit? I tried a search but did not come up with anything about their CP, only their plate coat.
  20. Just a follow-up on my OP from the System 7 Sizing Thread. To buy a new CP I had to sell one of mine. So I decided to sell my old West Vest Douglas that I had modified with the extra pads. I put it on eBay with a starting price of $90.00. On the last day of the auction it was up to $120. I was happy with that. But then with about 20 seconds to go it started going up to $160-170 Then when I looked at it after the auction ended it jump to $281 WOW! Now time to start looking at a New CP and Leg Guards!!!
  21. Check it out....I ran across a "New" All-Star CP at a discounted price on Ebay. Looks like a size medium which doesn't work for me but may for others. http://www.ebay.com/...=item27c4ad8d20
  22. I am considering buying this CP. It comes in 12" and 15" For those of you that own one or have tried one what size do you recommend? I am 5'8" 200# (I know I need to lose weight) Thanks!
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