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  1. DESCRIPTION Driven by the success of the first generation of Force3 Unequal umpire chest protectors, Force3 is proud to introduce the newest addition to their protective equipment line: The Force3 V2 Ultimate Umpire Chest Protector. Building off all the feedback received from the first generation Force3 UNEQUAL™ Umpire Chest Protector, the V2 offers the same great features of the V! and adds several following substantial improvements: SECOND GENERATION FEATURES Improved "No Feel" Blast Shield Reduces impact with an additional layer of hard shell outer layer just under the neoprene cover Redesigned Comfort Harness Keeps the chest protector snug to the body Updated Padding Behind Shoulders Provides additional protection where umpires often need most New logos For an updated look MORE FEATURES (STILL INTEGRATED FROM THE FIRST GENERATION) 100% Customizable Custom fit all components to properly fit your body to provide an unprecedented level of protection no matter your body size or type. Virtually Invisible Under-the-Uniform At less than 1/2' thick, the UNEQUAL EXO system is made with DuPont™ Kevlar®, thus providing the best combination of low-profile protection. (Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that you forgot to put your chest protector on when you walk out onto the field.) Durable, Breathable, Hand Washable Neoprene Cover High-grade Space Airflow System Fabric Backing Allows for maximum comfort and airflow in warmer weather. Optional Bicep Extension Connectors attach (or easily detach) at the end of the shoulders Additional Extensions For throat, abdomen and extra wide chests with removable/adjustable wings One Size Fits All Adjustable from 12” to 16.5" and is 14” to 19” wide MORE UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with military grade DuPont Kevlar® handles the blunt force trauma from a 90+ mph fastball or a foul ball. Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades. Protective gear incorporating UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with Kevlar® is currently being worn to protect professional and amateur athletes including NFL and NHL players. This protector was fully designed, in conjunction with UNEQUAL Technologies, by umpires for umpires. No corners were cut and the highest grade materials are used for every part of the protector.
  2. Hello all - I'm selling a set of Wilson Gold shin guards. USED - Wilson Gold shin guards - 16" - 17" I also used these for one season in combination with the above chest protector. A few scuffs from tossing them on the floors of various dressing rooms, but still in great shape. $80 - Shipped
  3. I wanted some extra protection added to my Douglas CP (which I love, by the way), so I sent it to Jeff Cook in Houston to have it modified. I agreed with the reviews about the concern with the gap in the shoulder caps and the lack of protection along the sides. Jeff knew exactly what to do and got it back to me very quickly. Here's the finished product: It still fits great and maintains the low profile. If you have a Douglas and want to make a few tweaks, Jeff's your man!
  4. Anyone had any experience either with this specific CP or the brand? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/XV_Schutt-XV-Umpire-Chest-Protector?id=601 Looks alright, but not a whole lot of chatter about it on the Intertubes. Probably not going to be investing in it myself, but it looks like it could be a pretty solid CP. I don't know why but it reminds me of something an ancient Roman legionnaire would wear...
  5. Just ordered the new Force 3 chest protector. Will give full report after I've worn it a couple of games.
  6. I have a gentle used Force 3 V1 with a Force 3 V2 harness for $150 shipped. Also includes original harness as well. PayPal FAF only. PM if interested. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Has anyone switched from using a W.V. Pro Gold to the Force 3 Ult. V.2. ?
  8. Decided to sell my Ultimate Chest Protector. Figured someone else should benefit. She just sits in my bag as i tend to use my West Vest Team Wendy more. I used it in three games. Very much like new. Everything is there. Asking $250. Will ship. For faster service text me at 708 446 7202
  9. I previously purchased this Douglas 12in with Team Wendy Retro on here. It is a terrific Chest protector. I have 2 others that I am going to keep. I will ship this to you for $125.00 Friends and family. Please PM for photos, the site isn't allowing me to upload to this Topic Any questions please ask Chris
  10. I tried the search and was unsuccessful.... As I was poking around today I ran across this chest protector.It is reminiscent of the Davis Shield, but perhaps with more padding. It also seems to have a lot of vulnerabilities for balls finding gaps. Any one have any insight or experience?
  11. 12" Douglas chest protector with an All-Star Delta Flex harness. This is the "new" grey and blue model. The chest protector is in excellent condition and the harness is like new (never sewn or taped). This served as a spare/back up and is very lightly used. I also will include the original harness. $140 shipped to you as a PayPal Friends and Family transfer. Please PM with questions.
  12. Hey all ..... Well, .....I did it, and I gave it a shot, but ....... I MUCH prefer the Douglas padding compared to the TW padding. I had my Douglas TW retrofitted but as you can see, ... I don't really like it, so .......here it is up for grabs. This TW retrofit is only for the chest portion (not the shoulder cups). I wore the TW's w/ the Douglas about 6 times (at the most) Again, this is for the retrofit TW padding only that will fit a 15" Douglas. PM me, .... Paypal only (friends & family) $110 + shipping or, make a reasonable offer
  13. The Wilson DaviShield Umpire Chest Protector was designed by umpires, for umpires, the DaviShield features overlapping, individually sewn plates that conform to the body. The fully adjustable mesh vest back offers an extremely comfortable alternative to traditional straps. Tone-on-tone logos give this umpire's protector a professional look. Chest Protector Features: Unique new design developed by umpiresOverlapping, individually-sewn plates conform to the bodyFully-adjustable mesh vest back harnessTone-on-tone logos for professional lookModel: WTA3291Color: Black
  14. The Wilson Guardian™ Chest Protector has a SoftShell design that forms to your body for ultimate comfort. It has triple layer protection with PE Sheets placed between memory and EVA Foam to keep you safe. The Guardian™ Chest Protector was designed to keep you cool on those hot summer days with spacer mesh lining for breathability, and it is treated with Aegis™ antimicrobial treatment to keep your gear fresh. The Guardian™ Umpire Gear by Wilson was designed for the everyday umpire looking for an affordable set of gear without sacrificing protection. SoftShell form-fitting designAegis™ antimicrobial treatmentSpacer mesh lining for breathability to keep you coolPE sheets and memory and EVA foam combine to provide protectionRemovable and adjustable shoulder capsWeighs approx. 2lbs. (.91kg)Model # WTA3220This product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
  15. Features Include: Patented adjustable breastplate for optimal fitHook and loop padding allows for easier maintenanceAdded shoulder plate for protectionStitched plastic for added durabilityAvailable in Small (12”) or Large (13½”) Please specify size above.Color: Black Only
  16. With its umpire-specific DeltaFlex four-point adjustable harness for use with All Star System Seven (CPU4000) umpire chest protectors, this replacement harness also fits the Wilson Gold and Platinum chest protectors by taking off All-Star clips from harness and threading straps into the Wilson clips. Evenly distributes pressure to keep the protector snug This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  17. One of the lightest protectors on the market is now stronger than ever! You may see protectors that look like the Pro-Elite, but none have the same guts to take a Major League fastball. The interior rigid plates have been upgraded to HD115, increasing the strength, rigidity and hardness. On the back, we've attached 5 removable velcro pads for extra protection while at the same time creating a 1/4'' space between the protector and your torso for improved air flow and comfort. An adjustable clavicle insert allows you to find the perfect fit. The hard shell over the pre-curved collarbone plates combined with the rigid lightweight HD115 plates and low rebound closed cell foam helps disperse and deaden the impact of the ball. HD115 inserts added near the waistline wrap around your side for maximum protection. Includes "y-strap" harness. Adjustments at the shoulder and waist along with a new attachment point for the optional biceps pad all combine to make this fit like a glove. PLUS, we've dropped the price, making it more affordable to everyone! Black only. Available in 2 sizes: REGULAR (12") or XL (14").
  18. The next step forward in our line of protective gear! Rigid HD115 plates provide protection from fouls and deflected balls at any level of play without added weight. 3-break construction allows the Zero Gravity to wrap around your body for a great fit while the triangular HD115 plate overlapping the center break gives extra protection over your sternum. Strategically placed plastic reinforcements add extra peace of mind. On the back, a quilt lining and 5 removable velcro pads provide extra cushion while at the same time creating a 1/4'' space between the protector and your torso for improved air flow and comfort. A newly designed mesh center backing secures the protector in place. Optional biceps extensions (sold separately) attach under the shoulder cap for an overlapping fit. Optional torso extension units (sold separately) extend the length of the protector by 3". Available in 2 sizes: REGULAR (12'') or XL (14'').
  19. Lightweight Body All new design that’s more form fitting to maximize protection. Lighter than previous chest protectors and featuring a breathable, mesh fabric that maximizes air circulation. Better Protection Features shoulder gap caps in high-risk impact area, a wider chest plate for better protection and padded Y-back with Coolmax® lining. Brock Bead™ Construction Brock Bead™ Construction gives you better protection and more breathability. Brock Beads absorb more impact and allow more air to circulate inside the chest protector. Raised Corrugations Raised corrugations make the body stronger and more resilient. 10mm ventilation holes in the body maximize air circulation and evaporation of excess moisture. New T-Hook Attachment The AiR Flex Umpire Chest Protector has a new T-hook attachment for a secure fit. Also features epaulet style shoulder caps that are adjustable and/or removable. Extended Deltoid Protection The AiR Flex Umpire Chest Protector features extended protection for deltoid area and removable deltoid pads.
  20. The Schutt Air Flex Umpire Chest Protector brings out the big guns of comfort, performance, and protection, for the serious ump. This armor-plated, tough-as-nails chest protector is surprising lightweight, and loaded with advanced moisture management technology that circulates air to keep you cool and focused all game long. The trick is the advanced Brock Bead technology built into the inner fabric. These squishy beads are massively lightweight, and can absorb impacts efficiently to keep you protected from hits. They are also made mostly of air, to give you even more circulation to regulate body temperature. Combine that with the 10mm vent holes throughout the shell, and you have on cool, heavy-duty umpire chest protector to get the job done right!
  21. Features new lightweight iX3 breathable technologyPerfect combination of plastic and three-layer foam for unsurpassed protection and comfortAdjustable (and removable) arm pads to customize the fit to your specific needsLined with CoolMax fabric for moisture managementRemovable 4 1/2" sizing plate included14 " body length (neck to bottom)18 1/2" body length with plateWeight: 2.75 lbs with plate (1.25 kg) This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  22. Exterior contour molded 3mm PE armor disperses shockErgonomic armor system contours to body and allows for an excellent range of motionCushioned liner is covered with DRI-GEAR® moisture wicking mesh for a dry and comfortable fitBio-Fresh® antimicrobial pad treatment guards this product against deterioration from mold, mildew stains and bacterial odorsUnique cantilever system suspends protector away from body for increased comfort, ventilation and protection5-way adjustable harness with dual quick release clipsFull shoulder coverageThis product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  23. The CPU30 protects with a combo of low rebound foam & lightweight dense foam combined with internal rigid plastic in the sternum, throat, and collar bone areas. This CP conforms extremely well to the body and has adjustable arm lengths.
  24. 6 thick plastic plates that are embedded between foam layers under the mesh fabric to disperse ball impact. FeaturesFits under most shirts or sleevesFour way adjustable back harnessCool breathable washable mesh fabricLow rebound foam with plastic plateInserts to deaden and disperse ball impact
  25. +POS Umpire Equipment You guys remember +POS, right? No? Ah, new to umpiring? +POS has been around for at least a few decades as a "boutique" umpire (and other sports official) gear producer. In no way can it rival the mass produced quantities of a Wilson or an All-Star, but its real strength resides in innovation. Dan (founder) is a true gear engineer, and several of his designs have found their way into the production pieces for several of the "big guys". Recently, +POS rolled out a new website, and most of their catalog is currently on sale! That's significant discounts on the Mag-T magnesium alloy, 14oz mask, the iconic Zero-G mask, the Zero-G Chest Protector (doesn't a Douglas look alot like it? Hmmm), and select jackets. Oh, and while not on sale per se, the Zero-G mask makes an appearance as a naked frame! Get an iconic mask, throw a harness on it (they've got harnesses there for $3, seriously) and put your own pads – TWs, Wilson MFs, just about anything other than the Diamond stock pads – on it, and you've got a top-notch mask! Keep things POSitive!
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