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  1. What do you all use and recommend? If I missed a previous topic regarding this just let me know and redirect me if you don't mind. Currently I am using a big black 5.11 bag not really made for baseball.....
  2. Here you go Shawn ............ https://umpire-empire.com/search/?q="equipment bag"&type=forums_topic&nodes=9&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  3. I am pretty sure someone has asked this before but I could not find it. What is a good equipment bag to store gear and uniform. I am tired of using a suitcase for my gear then a bag for my uniform.
  4. The old mizuno catchers equipment bag I've been using has finally fallen apart, so I'm looking for a new bag. I have heard the Champro isn't very good, but it is pretty cheap. Some guys have said the Diamond and Force3 are awesome. And one of my partners heavily recommended the Wilson. What do you guys use? -BlueRanger
  5. Thanks @LMSANS Here's what I wrote in 2014: Yes, I am an advocate of mouth guards. I wish they would become a staple product in every umpire's equipment bag much like a CP, mask or cup. I've tried multiple versions. What I was looking for was: Not too bulky - I'm not an MMA fighter Unobtrusive Allow me to communicate well Less noticeable - Don't give people a reason to notice or even mock you as an umpire Comfortable I haven't done any research on it in a while but when I did in the 2013-14 time frame there were mixed professional opinions a
  6. My Diamond Ultimate 30" Equipment bag has reached it end of life. This year it remained on life support having had to glue one of the wheels in with Gorilla Glue. So now find myself contemplating 2 bags: FORCE3 ULTIMATE 32" UMPIRE EQUIPMENT BAG ON WHEELS eBags TLS Mother Lode 29" Wheeled Duffel They both get a lot of positive mentions here. But here is one thing that is somewhat important to me, but I've never seen mentioned here; breath-ability. Why you ask? After a game here in the summer my equipment is weighed down with tons of nasty sweat. So
  7. This was a review for these guys. When I make it to "The Show", I'll be raving about UMP ATTIRE Wilson V2 MLB 36" Umpire Equipment Bag on Wheels (#264778236302)
  8. I know it may be slightly "Smitty"...but this thing works great for me. For someone just getting started the $9.97 price-point from Walmart is rather attractive...fits everything I need except my CP...which I like to have open airing after and between games anyway. https://www.walmart.com/ip/24-Duffel-with-Wet-Shoe-Pocket-Black/20512708 Has breathable pockets at both ends for undergarments and other amenities. Main compartment fits my shins, mask, and 2 sets of clothing, shoe compartment easily fits my plate shoes and could probably squeeze base shoes in there as well. Top flap has t
  9. So, I am always looking to improve my organization and arrangement so as to make dressing as quick and painless as possible. As well as returning the bag to service for the next set. Attached are some picks of my current setup. Thoughts?? Note that I use a single bag for gear and uniforms.
  10. Look what the UPS Women just dropped off at my front door.
  11. Well my Christmas wish might come through. SWMBO asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her an equipment bag. She said tell me which one you want and we will see. So I have limited it down to 2 bags. Wich of these 2 bags would you go with? I am leaning toward the Force 3, because I have their shins and CP and I love them so it makes sense. Can anyone who owns either or both and has any information to compare the 2 would be a great big help. Thank you...
  12. Idk where your budget is, but I've ran the gamut on equip bags. The top duffle is great and all and the ump-specific bags are 4/10 imho. I finally bucked up and bought the Ogio Rig 9800. It;s an equipment bag built for Motox. Not a motox-er myself but ho-ly does this bag not exceed every bag I've used before. I've noticed with Demarini, Miz, F3, and Wilson that the zippers bust within 3 years, not enough compartments, not enough room for sprays and/or books, and the bags will tear if you pack it full of balls (oops). I finally decided to make the jump to the Ogio 9800 and couldn't be happ
  13. (I did search, and I didn't find a thread that matched up to what I'm doing here.) I need a new gear bag, because my current method of getting gear back and forth, a bright orange catcher's backpack, is part of the reason my helmet got all messed up. I've been looking on UA, and most of their stuff is way outta my budget, except for the Diamond duffel, and I don't think that's big enough for my gear. (It might be, I'm just not sure.) What do you guys use, and what would you suggest for under about eighty dollars?
  14. I'm in the market for a new bag and I'm considering the Force 3 bag. A good friend of mine has it and he likes it. I currently own the larger Diamond bag without the pull out handle. The only problem I have with it is that the top sinks in. I bought it used so I don't have the dividers that came with it. Either way, what do you guys think about the Force 3 bag? I would like to have the folding bags to put my pants and shirts in as well.
  15. I now have a LOT of shirts. Let's just say the chances of me not being able to match my partner is pretty negligible, unless they're going out of their way to do something really oddball (camo or burnt orange or ... really strange). I'm up around 20 - too many to fit in my equipment bag and still leave room for everything else that needs to be there. So how do you keep all those in your cars? My car is a 2-seater hatchback, so putting up a rod and hangers can't happen, even if I wanted it to. I've thought of getting one of those under-bed storage containers? Or maybe just two large sheets
  16. I opted for the Hyundia Accent. 4 doors, hatch, equipment bag fits in the back, room in the backseat for a bar to hang shirts, jackets and pants, and I’m getting 38-40 mpg
  17. I stopped buying any type of plastic lawn furniture. After a few years they fall apart when you sit in them. I believe heat is also the culprit for the handles on my F3 equipment bag. A couple ripped in the middle of the handles, not at the seams.
  18. Hey guys. Just wanted to point out what I think is a great deal on a bag a couple of you veterans (Mr. Kevin Finnerty especially) in here have recommended. I searched for about 5 days to find the best deal online and finally pulled the trigger 5 minutes ago. link= http://www.texasripitsports.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_57&products_id=205 It sells for $144.95 WITH FREE SHIPPING. If you use checkout code ripbat you get another $10 discount. Best deal I could find. $135 delivered on a 36" Pro Nine that as has been stated is basically the Diamond 36" bag
  19. I don't do THAT many games, ...however, I'm going to get hooked up with an additional assignor this year and more games. My problem that I see immediately is that I don't have an equipment bag, and that poses (or soon will pose) a problem. Ump-Attire has a few, .... all over $100 ...and then there's this guy ... http://www.ump-attir...Product_Count=3 Any info or reviews on this thing? I hate to sound cheap, but $130 seems steep for an equipment bag ....
  20. Hello, What do you guys use for equipment bag? Diamond/Wilson, others? Looking to purchase one , but really do not have a feel for how big they actually are. So if you guys can help explaining what equipment you guys actually fit into it. Thanks.
  21. I ran a search looking for a discussion on equipment bags and surprisingly didn't find one. If you guys discussed this previous, I'm sorry. I have been using an equipment bag made by Easton from some time. It isn't umpire or even catcher specific. It's just a bag with a really big compartment. Everythign fits... sorta, but I see how convenient the Diamonds, Pro 9, Force 3s, and Wilsons are and I'm intrigued. They have wheels, compartments for shoes, shirts, hats, all the armor... sounds sweet. Which one to get. I have all Wilson gear so my first instinct is to go with Wilson. But I
  22. The Amateur Baseball Umpires' Association (ABUA) is offering a special discount on the Force3 Ultimate Equipment Bag. The first 10 purchasers of the Ultimate Equipment Bag receive a $20 discount off the $135 purchase price after applying the code: ABUANLEB Pete
  23. I am still on the search for the ultimate gear bag, and since my Calrucci cannot fit inside Mr. Finnerty's bucket, I'm still looking. I thought that I would take a peak at EBag's Mother Lode Wheeled Duffel, and color me impressed. On EBag's site they have a video on the features (try http://www.ebags.com...productid=70818 for more info, including a video). A lot of officals use this, there are several Hockey official's evaluations on the site, and a previous thread on bags said some MiLB umpires are using it. Frankly, the bag is much like a Force 3 Bag, with somewhat better material, and
  24. Ok , ..on the backlash of "what to buy" and my "fall ball" thread ..I got to thinking ...(these kinds of posts are always fun!) But .... What's on the list for the 2011 season for equipment? Are you all set, or do you NEED something? If you don't NEED something, ....ehhhehhmmm....what do you WANT!! I'll start: NEED: -New shins ...yes, ....I used my +POS Brinkmans this year:wave: -Another Polo blue shirt, and an additional color shirt, 99% sure it'll be cream (Smitty's) -Black w/ polo blue stripe pull-over -Having a custom throat protector made to match my mask -Equipment bag
  25. Does anyone have the Force3 Ultimate 32" Equipment bag for sale?
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