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  • Honig's Poly-Wool Slacks

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    Umpire in Chief

    Honigs Poly-wool Pants.jpgPremium Umpire Pants by Honigs

    • Wool Blend Material
    • Adjustable waist
    • Plate & Combo pants have double layered seat and expanded seat and thigh.

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    • 5
    You really don't know how good these things are, until you slip on a pair of the plate pants. THEN you get it. The trouble is, every other pair of pants I own will now sit in my closet.

    I have six pair now, and I'm set for a long time. Thank you eBay, and that retired umpire down in Louisiana.

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    Kevin Finnerty

    • 5

    The poly-wools are truly the best. For most games, I use Gerry Davis charcoals. But for the bigger league match-ups and other premier assignments, I wear the poly-wools. They definitely must be dry-cleaned and that is a hassle and added expense that I reserve for the big games. I also am somewhat afraid to ruin them at $100.00 per (shipped and hemmed).

    The key words in Dave's post were "look" and "professional." He absolutely can't make a more important point. If you want to look as good as possible when you walk out onto a field to umpire a ballgame, get these slacks.

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    • 5
    I love my poly/wools, and thanks to many posts, I dont dry clean them everytime. They are expensive, but are very well made and comfortable. They look great too.

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    • 5
    My opinion, for what its worth, is that there is no finer umpire uniform (as distinguished from equipment) item that I know of.

    These pants keep their shape, color, drape, fit, etc. They make you look like a professional more than any other uniform item.

    I have had some very good suits, some excellent custom tailored Army dress uniforms and trousers (Ralph Lauren-Polo, Claiborne, etc.).

    The Honig's Poly-Wools are every bit as good as those.

    I dry clean mine. I wear them to all of my games regardless of level (Little 9-10 all-stars to D-1). No one has ever said a word about the color being darker.

    No pink fading, etc.

    I just scored a pair of each on E-bay (less than 1 year old per the seller) for a total of $39 shipped.

    I am selling all of my heather gray Honig's polyesters and Fechheimers. Already sold my Gerry Davis dark gray. I will not wear any other pants to umpire in if I can help it.

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    • 5

    I just bought one pair each of the plate (PBS2) and base (PBS1), the poly-wool slacks.

    All I can say is 'Wow!' Very nice material, well constructed, and quite simply, they look great. Although they are on the pricey side, but quality has its price, doesn't it?

    One issue I have is that their website states:
         "All Honig's slacks are washable, permanent press, polyester."

    That's not the case, however, with the poly-wool slacks, which have a tag inside them that reads:
         "Dry Clean Only"

    I plan to use Dryel the first couple of times to see how that works. If it does work it's certainly cheaper than taking them to the dry cleaners shop, and it avoids the hassle of that as well.

    We'll see...

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