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  • Force3 Ultimate Equipment Bag

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    Umpire in Chief

    force3-ultimate-equipment-bag.thumb.jpg.Designed by umpires and made for umpires! The new Force3 Pro Gear bag has updated zippers, corner protectors, rugged wheels, new internal structure changes, a larger outside pocket, and a protective fabric between the wheels protecting the bag while you roll!

    Every part of this bag was designed for optimal efficiency and storage, keeping the weight to under 14 pounds!

    Features a 32″ x 15″ x 9″ compartment on top for all your equipment and a 6″ deep separate zippered bottom compartment for all of your clothing and uniforms underneath. The bottom compartment features two elastic straps to help keep your clothes organized and in place. This bag conforms to all airline specifications for checked luggage with a 62″ maximum allowance.

    The main compartment has two very large pockets that run down each side. There are also two large pockets that run along the front outside of the bag.

    Made of the highest quality materials to last for many years. No detail was overlooked from the leather luggage tag, padded handles, angled wheels for wheeling stability, to the length of the pull handle to minimize stress on the handle to prevent it from breaking or bending.

    This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.


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    Umpire in Chief

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    So I finally retired my nearly 10 year old Diamond 30" equipment bag. It served me well and overall I enjoyed it, but it was seriously showing its age. After debating and reading people's comments on the site. I decided on this new Force 3 Ultimate Equipment bag and I am extremely satisfied about my choice. My only experience with a dedicated equipment bag was this diamond so I will be using that as my basis of comparison. 

    First thing I notice is the canvas material. It is thick and seems more substantial than the Diamond I had. 

    Next thing I looked at were the zippers. From my research across many brands of equipment bags peoples' number one complaint is about the zippers on their bags. In nearly 10 years I never had a single complaint of my previous one. The zippers on the Force 3 seem to be pretty sturdy and don't leave me wondering if that is going to be a failure point' I think they will be just fine.

    I then examined the wheels. Don't ask me why, but for whatever reason I am very opinionated on the wheels that are on things. From luggage to garden wagons and even the tool chest in my garage; items that have wheels I don't like, don't make the cut. So this was an important feature on my check list that would be under extra scrutiny.  I will also say one of my decision factors in choosing the Force 3 bag over the eBags Mother lode were the wheels. I believe these wheels are going to meet the needs of umpires. Specifically I like that there is an axle running through the wheel to both sides of the wheel well. I also like that the wheels are more rugged and offer decent clearance. I feel these are important items because as umpires we're not always lugging our bags down nice carpeted corridors or smooth concrete walkways, we have to drag our equipment down dirt/rock/ grassy paths to get to the designated umpire locker room and I feel the extra strength of these wheels are up to the task.

    The Force 3 Ultimate Umpire Equipment Bag also features more than enough room for your gear and uniforms. The bottom area is designed for your uniforms and features straps that will help keep your uniforms in place and not slide around or down to the bottom and become a wrinkly mess. The upper compartment is a little larger and offers plenty of room for your gear and shoes. In the upper compartment I have 2 masks, my chest protector, a pair of double knee shin guards, my base shoes, my plate shoes, several cups as well as belts and accessories. It sounds like a lot and it is, but with a little organization it can be done easy enough. 

    Additionally the bag has 2 zippered pockets along the inside of the bag and 2 zippered compartments on the outside of the bag. These are adequate, however, if I have to cite a shortcoming of this bag it would be the lack of storage pockets on the inside of the top flap. I miss this about my Diamond bag. With that bag I had a dedicated space for things like my line up card holder, pens, indicators, brushes, etc. It made it much easier to find than looking in various large pockets. Additionally, on the Diamond bag many of the accessory pockets were mesh and I could easily see if my stopwatch was in its pocket rather than looking at it. So maybe Force 3 will include similar accessory pockets on a future version.

    One of the features I like best about this equipment bag is that, and it may seem silly, is that this bag will stand up on it's end. This was the biggest issue I had with my previous bag. If the shoe compartment of that bag was not filled all the way up there was no way it would stand upright on it's end. This was an unnecessary hassle. Imagine pulling out your equipment bag and having to lay it down while you get out your garment bag, cap caddy, among other things, then bend down to pick up your equipment bag. It may not sound like much but it really gets old. The Force 3 Ultimate Umpire Equipment Bag takes this hassle out of my life and is one of the features that I appreciate most. 

    All in all I really like this bag. I feel it is sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors an umpire equipment bag needs to while offering nearly all the functionality and storage you need. 


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