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    XL Ultimate Umpire Ball Bag

       (2 reviews)

    Umpire in Chief

    XL-ball-bag.thumb.jpeg.db61dce012f7328acAt a full 12 inches across, the XL Ultimate is the largest ball bag on the market, capable of holding more balls, while the wider opening provides easier access. The interior of the XL Ultimate is also completely lined with waterproof material- even inside the belt loops- to keep balls dry on the hottest days, when perspiration becomes more of an issue, as well as in inclement weather.

    • XL Size: 12" wide x 13" high, including belt loops
    • Interior pockets for plate brush, indicator and pencil
    • Constructed of durable, fade-resistant material to hold up season after season
    • Innovative zippered compartment on the back to store your keys, wallet, watch, bandages, etc. - no more bulging pockets or lost keys
    • Tapered belt loop design allows for easier hand access without bunching up on the belt.
    • Available in black and navy
    • Sold as single bag, not a pair
    • This Ump Attire product is manufactured in the U.S.A.


    Ump-Attire products are designed, made, distributed and owned by Custom Officials Wear, which is owned by Beulah Hester. These products are not made by Ump-Attire.com. Ump-Attire.com, while not manufacturing any products itself, currently serves as the exclusive online retailer of Ump-Attire brand products.

    This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.

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    • 5

    Love these bags. hold their shape and the zipper pocket holds my car key.........

    pockets inside for line up holder, pen and brush.....

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    Umpire in Chief

    • 5

    Our friend Jim at Ump-Attire sent me a complimentary XL Ultimate Ball Bag.

    I must admit I've been a fan of these since the first version. I bought my first Ump-Attire Ultimate Ball Bag in 2004 after reading a review in the Amateur Baseball Umpire Homepage. It was my first piece of "non-traditional" piece of equipment.

    I had already put these on my "to-get" list when I first saw on Facebook they were being released.

    At first look they are obviously larger than the last version I would say about an inch wider at the bottom, and about half an inch deeper. The stitching is top notch. I actually looked absolutely everywhere on the bag there are no loose ends, no frayed final stitches.

    I also like the texture of the material. It is not cheap feeling polyester. It just feels like quality material much higher quality than most other ball bags.

    One of the reasons these ball bags have become so popular is they are lined with waterproof material  to keep the baseballs dry even if you sweat enough to soak through the bags. You may remember the CWS about 2 years ago where the umpire had sweat through and they had to throw baseballs in from the bench. 

    The newer version takes things a step further and not only are lined on the side which is against your hip, the other side is now lined too. I think this will help on those damp drizzly games where we are still able to play.

    Another improvement of the new XL Ultimate Umpire Ball Bags is that the opening has been made wider making it easier to get your hand in versus the previous version. I never had an issue with this as I bellowed out the opening after I put the bag on and all was well. In tonights game I made a conscious effort not to bellow out the opening and had zero problems. 

    The belt openings are large and had no problem handling my 1 3/4 inch belt.

    It almost feels weird to say how much I enjoy something like a ball bag. But these are a really great addition to your equipment bag. These are a must have.

    On an additional note I really think it's great seeing a company make changes to their product based on their customers feedback.  

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