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    Smitty brand ball bags with inside pockets

       (2 reviews)

    Umpire in Chief


    • 3 inside pockets for indicator, brush or wallet
    • Lightweight, durable poly blend fabric
    • Double stitching for better quality
    • Size: 12 " width x 11 " height (top of loops to bottom of bag)
    • 2 belt loops / fits on umpire belts
    • Available in black, navy, heather grey (light) and charcoal grey (dark)

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    • 2
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    did not like this bag, too flimsy, and like @Umpire in Chief says the brush pocket is too deep. may not seem like much but after using a bag that works properly, kinda hard to not think about it every time i reached for my brush.

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    Umpire in Chief

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    I ordered these ball bags for 2 reasons.
    1. My other ball bags are black and my association some time ago apparently changed the appearance standards and black is no longer an option.
    2. I love my Ump-Attire ultimate ball bags. But there is one particular evaluator who hated them and will ding me when he sees me with them.
    This evaluator (who I really like) is very straight forward and is known as difficult to please. In the past he has always made comments about my ball bags. Earlier this year he was running a scrimmage I was working. After the game when I was receiving my feedback all he had for me was "I hate those pansy ball bags, and they have to be blue."
    I replied "If thats all you've got for me then I must have done pretty damn good, and I will go home and order new bags just for you." We had a chuckle, but I did order them.

    My first time out I noticed the pockets for the indicator, pencil and brush are deep. They actually go all the way down. Dropping my brush down it was difficult to get it back up with ease. I ended up just putting my brush in the main pocket of my left bag (awkward).

    This may seem like a little thing, and is easily correctable by sewing (me, yeah right) or placing a safety pin through the back at the appropriate depth.

    I marked that I would not recommend them, but they are fine, they do what they're supposed to, but getting and replacing my brush shouldn't be something I have to think about during a game. These will get me through this season, but will just be there for when this evaluator is on my schedule. I will be ordering 2 Navy Ump-Attire Ultimate ball bags after this season.

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