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    Gerry Davis Leg Guards

       (3 reviews)

    Umpire in Chief

    DaviShins.thumb.jpg.c5e873eb3ff9c2d9a792It borrows the recessed, no-gap kneecap protection we've offered for years and continues our own two-strap mount system. You know you really don't need a strap behind your knee! In addition, we've developed a series of three optional-mount ankle guards to protect the top and side of your foot. They mount with Velcro®, so you can use one, two or all three of the guards depending on the shoes you wear behind the plate. Black only with subdued Wilson and DaviShins logos. Choose either the 15" length or the 17.5" length.

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    • 4
    I have been using these this season and I love them. They are comfortable. I like the 2 strap system.

    I have taken a couple direct shots right to the knee. Didn't feel a thing.

    I would recommend them.

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    • 3
    These are the first set if shin guards that I've owned, so I don't have anything to compare them against.

    Comfort. Pretty good. I like the two strap desing.
    Price. Seems like you can get just as good for much less.
    Durability. The jury is out. They don't seem very ruged.
    Protection. They will keep baseballs from smacking you shins. I like the wrap around sides.
    Look. Love the Stormtrooper look.
    Overall. They will get the job done, but we can get the job done for less money. I don't feel very mobile while wearing them.

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    • 4
    I decided I wanted something a little slimmer then the current Wilson shin guards that I have. I liked what I saw in the Gerry Davis guards and wanted to give them a try. I wasn't two sure about the 2 strap method they have chosen but they really felt good during my 3 games with them so far. I like the wrap around sides on them. I also really, really like the velcro attachments at the bottom. There are 3 pieces that will easily be removed if you wear plate shoes. The center one that fits over the top of your foot and one on each side that fit over the sides of your ankle. So far, these seem to be a good investment for me. I took one shot so far and they worked like a champ.

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