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  • Wilson Shock FX 2.0

       (5 reviews)

    Umpire in Chief


    • Floating mask technology reduces vibration.
    • Quad-Axial impact design diffuses energy of impact in four key zones.
    • Panoramic cage
    • Maximum ventilation
    • Ultra-breathable Dri-Lex lining transfers
    • Premium leather chin liner
    • Guaranteed paint job
    • Includes storage bag
    • Fits most cap/head sizes: 7 - 7 5/8
    • Weight: 2 lbs 12oz
    • Replacement padding available
    • Meets NOCSAE standard

    This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.

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    • 5

    This is a great mask. I've had it for two full seasons and fallball so that's almost 300 games. While I have felt how light the traditional masks can be, I cannot imagine having pads against my face. Many times I umpire with the back-stop above my head and a helmet keeps me protected from fouls balls. I've done 5 games in a day for tournaments and I don't even think about the weight. What's wrong? Are helmets so heavy that some guys won't be able to hold their heads up after a while? They'll just sag at the neck? Taking balls off the mask doesn't faze me one bit. I barely feel them. The shock absorbers really work. A couple of times when I took the fouls I've heard the "gasps" from coaches and fans, and I wonder what the big deal is. I've gotten this helmet for less than $100. And I do plan to buy the titanium edition soon. One other thing I believe is important: This does not cover my mouth so coaches and players can see when I'm smiling and can better hear me talking. As ElkOil said in his post, "unless you can prove another protects better, it's the only one I'll use".

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    · Edited by ElkOil

    • 5

    Bottom line is unless you can prove another mask/helmet protects better, this is the only one I'll ever use.  I've taken a number of pitches and fouls directly off the mask and have felt no pain.  It's comfortable, is easy to take on and off and although it's not the lightest thing in the world, the weight is nicely distributed and I can wear it for three games a day without fatigue.

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    • 4

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    I took a foul balls between the eyes in a High School varsity game this year.. after the ringing in my ears stopped I realized was uninjured.  I have a traditional mask (Diamond IX3) that I don't use much at all anymore. I would highly recommend this HSM. Its not any hotter than the traditional mask with a hat on. The weight is the only big difference. I was initially concerned (since I had neck surgery in September 2014) but I only notice it being heavy on the second game of the day behind the plate.,,,

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    • 4
    Ok so where to start?

    There are 4 versions of the shock FX 2.0; two umpire versions and two catcher versions. They are the exact same build and design. The differences between them are mostly cosmetic.

    A5520 < Silver Serie Catchers Mask - This mask is all one color (black, royal, scarlet, navy). It has the high tensil steel frame that is black in color. The pads are pretty standard. The forehead pad feels like it is made of memory foam.

    A5500 < Pro Stock Catcher Mask - This mask has two-toned colors (black/charcoal, navy/black, royal/black, scarlet/black). The cage is a silver high tensil steel. The forehead and the chine guards are a very soft leather. It also includes the coolmax moisture wicking material on the pads. Both versions of the catchers masks have an annoying three MLB logos. Two on each temple, and one on the bottom of the cage.

    A5591 < Umpire Shock 2.0 w/ Steel Cage - This helmet is the same helmet as the A5500 with cosmetic changes. The shell is all black, the same with the high tensil steel cage. The pads are exactly the same, the same leather forhead and chin pads. It also has the same coolmax pads. The Wilson logo is the traditional yellow as opposed to the white logos on the catchers versions. Thankfully, it has only one MLB logo and it's located at the bottom of the cage.

    A5590 < Umpire Shock 2.0 w/ Titanium Cage - The helmet is the same as the A5591 only it has the titanium cage.

    I have the experiance with the A5591 as well as the A5520.

    I'll start with the bad. Stock, I'm not too impressed with the comfort of the Shock FX 2.0. Putting the helmet is nice. The pads on both are very comfortable and the visibility is great but, the main problem lies in the process of taking the helmet off. The straps are located at the very bottom of the helmet and located more towards the front of the helmet. When you go to take it off, the straps rip your ears off. After two or three innings, it's not bad, but five or six it starts to get painful. It is too bad because this is really the only downside of the helmet.

    Just recently I have solved the problem with the straps ripping off the ears. Instead of having the straps go on the inside of the helmet, I rewired the straps, if you will, and the straps now go around the outside of the helmet and don't even go inside of the helmet. This leaves a lot of sizing issues. If I had a smaller head, I can see how this could pose a problem. But the fit is actually perfect. I can throw the helmet on with extreme ease.

    The throat guard is also a problem. Now, I get all of my gear from Ump-Attire, Gerry Davis, and Purchase Officials. They are all very reputible companies and I have noting bad to say, only praise really. But the first two sell the the throat guards for a strikingly high price of $20... for a piece of plastic. I ordered my guard from HitRunScore for $7. The guard is designed soley for the original Shock FX. It is designed to fit the original Shock FX... let me say it again, it is designed to fit the original Shock FX, NOT the 2.0 version. The 2.0 is about an inch longer at the bottom and so when you go to put the specialty throat guard on where it's supposed to go, it doesn't fit. What you have to do is put it lower on the cage. It does fit, but it doesn't look like what you'd expect.

    Those are two drawbacks to the Shock FX 2.0. But with a little yankee engineering, it all works out. It still looks good and have no problems with it. I'm not going to say anything about the bending cages because that happens with all masks.

    The visibility in this helmet is better than anything I've ever seen. I've had a couple of Wilson facemasks and the Diamond Edge HSM. The visibility is the best I've seen. The obvious 360 degree protection is also a major plus with some funky backstops and for doing adult leage with wooden bats... you never know what happends. The protection is also great. I have taken a few shot in the helmet and it preformed beautifully. Really, it's the best mask/helmet I've ever used thanks to the modification I made.

    There has been some controversy around the Shock FX. The 2.0 has some upgrades. The forehead protection is much better compared to the first version. Ed Hickox took a foul ball to the forehead and the plastic actually cracked and one of the screws that holds the mask in place struck him in the head (or so I hear). Wilson has beefed up the plastic and modified the padding to make sure that never happens again. They also have one more inch of throat protection. I can see how a person with a shorter neck than mine and a properly fitted chest protector wouldn't need a throat guard. The welds have been better placed and the durability of the shocks have also been improved.

    The titanium version is availible at $195 from CAT sports. The steel version is availible for $140 at Ump-Attire. The price is a bit steep, but I think the protection is worth it. I'm interested to see if Wilson is working on improvment with the straps, maybe a Wilson Shock FX 3.0?

    If you like the full helmets, the protection of the Shock FX 2.0 is a good way to go, jusyt play with the straps and it's the best thing out there, in my humble opinion.

    Sorry for the novel.

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    • 5

    Got to try out my brand new titanium Shock FX last night for the first time!

    First of all, I have always had a huge noggin, and although it said it would fit my 7 5/8 cap size, I was still concerned that I would like the fit. I found it very comfortable when I put it on, and experienced no 'pinch spots' that always seem to show themselves once you wear something new for a couple hours that wasn't there when you tried it on for 2 minutes. Also, the replaceable pads for around the chin and the forehead are the softest darn material I have ever felt... seriously, I felt it while I had it on and I thought it was some kind of microfiber, and I had to take it off to clarify that it was leather, and not a soft cloth.

    The view from this thing is awesome! I enjoy having great peripheral vision that this thing provides! I also decided to add a smoke composite shield to it from Bangerz, and man, it is sweet to sit back there and not have to blink every time a high pitch comes in right at your face to keep the catchers glove dirt from slapping me in the eyes when the ball hits their glove. Not to mention, I think it looks sweet as hell! The game was a night game, and with the smoke shield I had no issues with vision. They also have an 'amber' (yellow) shield that I put on my regular mask, and I am looking forward to trying that out too.

    The weight of the Titanium mask is just under 3 lbs, and I had absolutely no neck/shoulder issues at all with this thing, which I am sure is due to the fact that the weight is spread over the head evenly. The amount of ventilation is very surprising, with lots of large vents spread across the helmet. It seems to be pretty cool in there, and I am sure that is also due to the fact that I don't wear a hat with this on, so I get much better evaporation for the huge noggin!

    The only issues I had were the facts that it was pretty loud inside (due to the face shield I am sure), and with the shield in place, there was a very small opening left in the mask, and I felt that maybe it would affect my volume. However, I got used to the increased volume (it wasn't uncomfortable, just different), and given my loud mouth, I had no issues with people hearing me. I have heard some concerns about not being able to hear as well with the HSM, but I noticed absolutely no difference, and actually, I might actually hear a little better with it, as the helmet seems to focus sounds better to the ears.

    Lastly, I took a foul ball almost dead on to the grill, and I have to say I barely felt a thing! Everyone is asking if I am ok, and seriously, nothing...

    Needless to say, I am very satisfied, and will be happy using this thing full time, for a long time.

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