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  • Wilson West Vest Gold Chest Protector

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    Umpire in Chief

    West_Vest_Gold_Chest_Protector.thumb.jpeIn 3 fitted sizes, the Wilson West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector provides superior protection for multiple body types. More MLB umpires choose "The Gold" as their everyday chest protector than any other.

    • Fitted with extra side padding for extra comfort and protection
    • Black hard shell on outside with soft inner padding
    • Contoured for comfortable fit
    • Removable plates allow for easy cleaning
    • Gold Wilson and MLB logos - Wilson is the Official Umpire Gear of Major League Baseball® and Minor League Baseball®.
    • Sized differently from other chest protectors, the Gold is available in 3 general chest sizes and lengths. This makes the Gold a good hard shell choice, especially for umpires with a smaller frame body type.  Sizes available are based on coat sizes and lengths.
    • S (under 38) - 11" (neck to bottom)
    • M-L (38-44) - 12" (neck to bottom)
    • L-XL (46-54) - 13" (neck to bottom)
    • Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)

    This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.

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    • 4

    I have used this vest this season. I love it. Its comfortable and offers good protection. I took two foul balls to the center of my chest this past week and a couple to the shoulder earlier in the season. I barely felt it other than the impact. Very good shock displacement with this vest.

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    • 5

    I switched from a K1 after about half a year when I kept taking hits that I shouldnt feel with a "pro style" protector. I sold it to some softball guy in Mizzou and to him I say "Good Luck"

    I then turned around and bought an older WV Gold from Gerry Davis for about $100 because the model was going out of style (my protector still has the WV on the breast plate). I swear I will NEVER go back!!! In the last 3 or 4 years I have taken countless hits from pitchers between JV high school and D1 with barely a scratch to show for it.

    To paraphrase a post under the platinum posts "its great to see the ball bounce half way back to the mound and the catcher turn around to see if you are ok. Then you respond 'did something just hit me? Wow, didnt feel a thing!'" LOL talk about great stuff!

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    • 5

    After getting hit two nights in a row in the same shoulder by 85+ MPH fastballs the catchers missed, I picked myself off the ground and decided my old protector just wasn't cutting it. The plates were too far apart and the padding was too thin. So I shelled out the money and got this vest. The second game I worked with the West Vest Gold, I got hit in the same place again and hardly felt it! I heard the hit more than I felt it. Everyone was concerned because I'd gotten hit directly by a pitched ball, but I just shrugged it off and put the ball back in play. I've been hit several time since and didn't get a single bruise or any discomfort. I would recommend this vest to any umpire. Your safety is too important to scrimp on inadequate protection.

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    Umpire in Chief

    • 5

    I've posted elsewhere that I bought this protector from Ump-Attire a few months ago. I really like it, but for better or worse I haven't taken any shots in about 12 or so games with it. (Okay I know I've just cursed myself and will probably be in the ER after my next game).

    What I can tell you is that it is comfortable. My only gripe is that the connector on the harness is hard plastic and when I pull it off it scrapes against the back of my head and doesn't feel too good. I intend on getting a leather one made.

    Just wearing this CP gives you more confidence behind the plate. You know you are well protected and can lock in better.

    It's light weight and very durable. Unlike the platinum I feel like I have better and more natural arm movement.

    I will say it's a bit short. I know Rob Drake posted on his site a newer even shorter WV. I don't know how comfortable I'd be in his. I'm only 5'10" and my bottom ribs are not fully protected. The hard shell doesn't cover that far, and the padding barely does.

    Also the passing is the thickest I've seen. I haven't measured it, but it seems it must be 1/2 an inch thick.

    Like I said I've got about a dozen games in with this CP and I love it so far.

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    • 5

    I have used it for one game so far. I haven't taken any shots off of it yet, but it's really comfortable. I hardly even know it's there and it absorbs the perspiration very well and looks great!!

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    • 3

    I have had two of these. I have had the Wilson MLB Hard Shell Umpire Chest Protector which is about $80 and I now have the Wilson West Vest "Gold" Chest Protector. I upgraded because I had to use my volunteer money. The protect the same so don't feel that one is better than the other.

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