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  1. Warren, thanks. If you're correct then, ....and you're an inch and 5 lbs from me ....then the sides (bottom of your last) rib isn't covered (ribs going back around to your backside), right?
  2. Brian, ....I know!! the BB204 will be long gone :TD:
  3. And your Gold is .....12 or 13" ?? I'm 5'11" 225
  4. Bear with me gents, .... I know there's a ton of CP threads, but not many specifics on 'fit'. My old POS BB204 12" is, ...uhm....well, ...too small for me. I can't believe it doesn't fit 13 years later!? Seriously.... I notice a LOT of CPs come in 13", ...almost seems to be standard. Question is primarily this: How far down should the CP come? Apparently, as long as it covers 'most' of the ribs, it's fine, seeings as 13" is pretty standard. Gerry Davis` site says 2-3" above the belt. Well, ...that means a 13" is way too short for a lot, if not most guys. Is it personal preference? Is there a standard? Thanks!
  5. I thought it looked the same too Brian, and I also thought maybe it was a Riddell, but it seems from an earlier post maybe not. I thought Everitt looked like a walking Wilson billboard! Not bashing him or the product, ....but....it's just .....well, how many "W's" can you have on your face and chest:agasp_:
  6. THERE it is right there ........^^^^^^^^^ Some are arguing .... "IF Everitt though Howard missed home" ....that's a BIG IF, isnt' it? Come on....did you really think...>REALLY> think that Howard missed home in real time?:confused:
  7. Hi guys, ... Did a search and only found one thread on cups. What does everyone prefer and why? I'm not going to include Under Armour here because I dont' see them on their site anymore, so let's do this: Shock Doctor (which one?) Nutty Buddy XO Other Thanks......
  8. thanks ! from a show last year .........
  9. actually...drummer for the band ....in the picture on the flier, I'm in the lower left corner .........
  10. ....Well, while not related, ....to the topic it IS related..... Here's what I'm doing on Halloween! :)
  11. Hi guys, ... Are there any interest in these shoes still? I have a pair from the early 90's in decent shape, size 10. Thinking of putting these up here, or on eBay, etc.... Not necessarily asking if anyone is interested on this site, but if they're still being worn and if there'd be any interest out there. Thanks....
  12. Yes, purchase officials ... $25 and free shipping! http://cgi.ebay.com/Smittys-ComfortTECH100-Elite-Umpire-Shirts_W0QQitemZ230362106105QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item35a2a6c8f9
  13. Legit question! Because I'm coming back to all of this after 12-13 yr layoff. Looking at equipment, etc, etc. GD has his own site with his own stuff along w/ Wilson. He's got to do the "Wilson" thing, and if not, can't 'show' another logo. There was no logo on his CP last night, and didnt' look familiar to anything out there. That's all:)
  14. absolutely Warren! It looks like a 'matte' finish hard-shell, because you were getting just a tad bit of glare off of it..... Hmmmmmm.... Who wants to call GerryDavis sports and find out?? :confused:
  15. Nice Widac! Anyone catch Gerry Davis` CP? Watch at 1:59 of the video posted in this thread ....I can't pin-point what that is?
  16. Hey guys, ... Nice to see the Gerry Davis stance in action yesterday, huh? Hey, who was that guy behind the plate anyhow?! Anyhow ... It was good to see them get together and sort out that wierd double play, although, ..not sure why the conference lasted so long.... And, ....wait for it .......... What CP was Gerry Davis wearing?! :confused:
  17. Warren, that's great advice and I appreciate you responding to this. This is how I am basically thinking about this. I mean, both can be found within a $1 of each other if you look (leather, suede, etc) so why not go for a little more substantial. Thanks again Warren.... anyone else?
  18. Guys, ... If you're going to put together your own mask, or customize a mask w/ pads, do you go with the traditional or the "Wilson style" wrap around? Has anyone used both and preferred the other for whatever reason? I understand the theory behind the wrap arounds, but just wondering the thoughts here on this... Thanks...
  19. Maybe it's me, but it looks like that pic of Holbrook ....he's got wrap arounds on, but maybe not...:clap:
  20. Hey guys, ....useless knowledge I don't need. Experience/suggestions for leg guards I'd love to hear.....thanks
  21. Hi there, I noticed you posted on this thread: http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 Did you get one of these? Can you give me a review, and/or opinion?? Thanks

  22. Hi Kyle, I notice you commented in this thread for this CP http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 I was wondering if you have 'reviewed' this CP?? Thanks....

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