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  1. The purpose of a forum such as Umpire Empire is to communicate, right ?!

    1. BigUmp56


      It's more of a safe haven from our wives.

    2. Umpire in Chief

      Umpire in Chief

      We need a like button for Tim's Response.

  2. Hi, ..Your Champion CP? What size did you get? Are you stil lin love with it? I'm probably not going to do anything over HS, so I figured for the price, it's fine! What size are you, and what size did you get? Thanks! Jeff

  3. Hi Kyle, I notice you commented in this thread for this CP http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 I was wondering if you have 'reviewed' this CP?? Thanks....

  4. Hi there, I noticed you posted on this thread: http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 Did you get one of these? Can you give me a review, and/or opinion?? Thanks

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