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  1. Hi Kyle, I notice you commented in this thread for this CP http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 I was wondering if you have 'reviewed' this CP?? Thanks....

  2. Hi there, I noticed you posted on this thread: http://www.umpire-empire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12363&page=2 Did you get one of these? Can you give me a review, and/or opinion?? Thanks

  3. Hi, ..Your Champion CP? What size did you get? Are you stil lin love with it? I'm probably not going to do anything over HS, so I figured for the price, it's fine! What size are you, and what size did you get? Thanks! Jeff

  4. The purpose of a forum such as Umpire Empire is to communicate, right ?!

    1. BigUmp56


      It's more of a safe haven from our wives.

    2. Umpire in Chief

      Umpire in Chief

      We need a like button for Tim's Response.

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