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  1. Pete, While I sincerely appreciate all of your wisdom that you bring, I think I need to differ with you on one point. Who knows, maybe it was just verbiage. Where you say that "we have to forget about it and get ready for the next pitch".......I think forgetting about it might be incorrect as interpreted. If you forget about it, you won't realize & learn from your mistakes. If we are all striving to do our best, learning & growing must be continual. However, if you put that moment behind you until the game is over, you may even be more receptive of any solicited constructive criticism in your post game. Just a thought.
  2. Welcome to the jungle! I've found that the more you post, the more balls you get! No, literally......the baseballs under your name increase with the number of posts.:wave:
  3. This was a hot topic at one of Jims Clinics. His bottom line when explaining the 1B pcikoff was that the pitcher must gain "direction and distance". If the pitcher steps more toward 1B than home plate (using the 45'line as a marker) then it is not a balk.
  4. Can someone provide a link or website to a recommended supplier? I could be mistaken Kyle, but I believe it was you who pointed out that it looked like I was wearing base pants behind the plate. Well, when you have legs my size, and then put triple knee Honigs guards underneath, I start losing room quick!
  5. LOL........next time that I have to do your job coach, you're going with him. I wonder how well that would go over..........
  6. Rulebooks? We don't need no estinking rulebooks! FED rules are primarily my reason for NOT doing HS ball.....if that makes sense. But, I shall elaborate. You have the OBR. Now Little League has taken that, added their "safety" to it (which can be understood from certain perspectives), and added a couple little "quirks" of their own. For the most part, you can take the LGR and the OBR and put them side by side in comparison. Now you involve the National Federations of High Scools. I believe someone mentioned in a different post that their is a rule in there regarding verbal obstruction. Holy sweet buhgeezes! Let the kids play good ol' fashioned baseball. The ball field should not be where one must worry about being politically correct (from a players standpoint). Yeah, we'll know when they aren't being good sports about something. That's what WE are there for! I can't speak for everyone on here, but I recall growing up and having FUN playing the game. Remember when "hey batter batter" was something you chanted with your team mates religously? I'm talking serious business now folks! Does anyone remember riding your bike down to the pick up games in the field next to someones house? You often used discarded items for bases, had less than 9 players on a side and little Bobby was always the last one picked? Nowadays, you better have permission to be on that land, have your own transporation to and from the site, your own insurance, and better not tear up the grass. You shouldn't head first slide into a base if you haven't received proper instruction on how to slide, let alone the fact that 2nd base is a hub cap, and you may require stitches (see reference to insurance above) after doing so. Don't share players, have a minimum required amount to start, play, and finish the game. And sure little Bobby, even though you have the least amount of skills, and we are living in a day and age where litigation is always encouraged, you can be on the team so mommy doesn't take us to court. Where did the fun go? OK, I'm stepping off of the soapbox for now. P.S. I did send the AD at our high school a (similar) email when the VARSITY FOOTBALL GAME was cancelled because it had rained most of the day. Another story for another time.
  7. Do hockey referee shin guards cover the knee? Going by what you are calling "shin guards" as opposed to what I call "leg guards" I wouldn't think so. But if this is the case, It's something I may look into. My problem is from lifting. My legs are big enough that I wear combo pants on the bases for room.
  8. Unfortunately Larry, I don't have a nephew, cousin, or brother playing. Some times the "good ol' days" don't look so bad after all. I did however, have the grandson of another umpire catching. Since I knew him personally, I did tell him that if I got hit by a ball that he "SHOULD HAVE" caught, that the next time he squats, I'm kickin' him in the tail. He laughed about it as well. Ironically, the word spread and catchers would come up to me prior to other games to inform me that they would do their best at not getting kicked in the can. I don't know HOW that rumor got started.... :WTF
  9. Just take caution in what you are looking for. More times than not, you can refer to a CP like a motorcycle helmet. You get what you pay for. If riding a motorcycle, would you trust your head to a $25 helmet? I'm just sayin....:agasp_:
  10. 1 lesson down...................many to go.
  11. While I agree and would have addressed the coach, I feel the need to point out your indifference, which is confusing. If your first paragraph, you say it isn't his job. Agreed? Your second paragraph, you contradict that with telling him to put his mitt on the ball. Now depending on the level or locale, I might mention it to the catcher. 99.9% of the kids in my home league know who I am, and all of the coaches do. I joke with all of the kids most of the time. However, they know when the mask goes on, it's all business for their fun. Yet, with fall ball being an "instructional time", I might inform the coach to train his catchers during practice.......not a game. If this were an upperlevel game (where some catcher are actually free thinking entities), I usually have several conversations between batters, time outs, etc. Shoot, I had one kid at a SrLL game (that I had since LL Minors), telling me about his new girlfriend during warm ups. While it might not work for all, an area that seems to work well for me, is my lightheartedness around the fields. There is nobody afraid to come ask me anything regarding rules, game (can I, or why can't I) situations, etc. Again, when the mask goes on, they know that if I mention something to them jokingly, that they may want to fix it. Sorry, but the Frumpire I am not.
  12. Will, that's a great place for it.......deep in the pocket. However, I'd suggest carrying it from the beginning of the season. If you throw it early in the year (if needed), odds are it will be less likely that anyone will see it later in the year.
  13. Well, I just happend to watch Bull Durham (again) just the other day, if I recall it goes something like......."You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball". U-trip isn't much difference. Mainly time limits & tie breakers. :HD:
  14. Ours started last week. GREAT training tool to work with new/junior umpires.:HD:
  15. That would be a heck of a commute from here! Unfortunately, That is my weekend with the lil one. I have my youngest daughter every other weekend.
  16. Well since we are dragging the kids into this.....My daughter came out to spend the summer with me. After a few trips around town, she says to me "Mom (my ex wife) always said that you couldn't pass by a ball field without stopping to smell the dirt"
  17. Just to clarify, Didn't you mean "catchers" helmet, to include facemask & dangling throat guard?
  18. Well, I did hear about a guy in the state pen that makes custom license plates....
  19. I thought it was just me. You know.........umpire.....blind.....cant see....
  20. Just be careful where you point that gun.........and when you pull the trigger!
  21. will there be lunch provided? I just need directions......
  22. Feels good not to be the newEST guy anymore. Welcome HANK!
  23. No, just tired <from the other site> of his "better than thou" attitude. It could have been worse, but I politely made a reccomendation and he willingly reposted.
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