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  1. Sorry, a ball cannot accelerate after touching something. They may spin though. So the theory of Angular Acceleration in physics does not apply to the game of baseball........ interesting. Please show your work.
  2. Hang on to your indicator & mask!! Some of these can be bumpy rides!!! WELCOME
  3. I am pointing out that the box is not sacrosanct. Movement doesn't mean auto BI but it makes him liable, including bending over. I am pointing out that because they do it in the pros means nothing. Pros don't know the rules, point being proven by announcers. Not necessarily true, they can lean three different directions. WHOA! I just had the image of Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix"
  4. Don't have the LGR at work, but I'm thinking that the one we are looking for is 4.09 (a) exception.
  5. How about those Pittsburgh Pirates huh??
  6. Partner or not, not sure I would trust anyone else "cup checking" me (not even Maineump). I do however take a physical and verbal survey before I go on the field. Foot guards, leg guards, nard guard, chest guard, mug guard. Had a few partners look at me funny, but they got the jest of it.
  7. You can't unring the bell.
  8. I realize this is an older discussion, but I thought of something pertinent that some may come to realize. During the LLWS a few years back, The pitcher (I don't recall the team) would take his signs from the dugout, step on the rubber and shake off the catcher until he got to the right one. a) took signs from the catcher while on the rubber b) the catcher knew what was coming c) instead of giving signs through a fence, gave them unobstructed to the pitcher d) the team & reporters in the camera well on the 1B side coudn't see the signal They made no qualms about hiding this whatsoever, as it was in complete compliance with the playing rules.
  9. Aging_Arbiter


    Who is Miller? Dos Equis? XX
  10. There must be a firewall here at work that won't let me put the "beating a dead horse" emoticon up here. Assistance anyone?
  11. This is correct. Here's the relevant cite: 7.09 It is interference by a batter or runner when - (e) Any batter or runner who has just been put out, or any runner who has just scored, hinders or impedes any following play being made on a runner. Such runner shall be declared out for the interference of his teammate; But there was no throw.......hence no play. Ball + runner = play.
  12. A few years back, I took a bit of "safety logic" and applied it to my pants. Some say that when buying a mask or CP, to spend the extra money for the safety. Well, I did a little research and found that the MiLB guys around here wear Fecheimer pants. Now I figure, if these pants can take the gruling usage/schedule of the MiLB umpires, they have to be good. They cost a little more (around $45), but they've lasted a full 4 seasons HS & LL (including 2 LL regionals and a AAABA national tournament) and STILL going strong. I only bought two more this year (just in case) because of a post season assignement that I received (apparently, they give you a pair of pants when you get there).
  13. Has anyone tried to see if the NB fits into the shock doctor compression shorts? Pocket on these seems a little larger. I just brought two pair of the SD shorts and would be great if it fits.
  14. I gotcha! If its a 9 y/o little fella seeing pitching for the first time and he even squints his eyes (because he knows he going to get hit), in THAT PLAYERS MIND, I believe that he made an attempt to get out of the way. Fast forward a few years...... Same batter on Varsity takes that slow loopy curve ball to the arm w/o moving. Nah, stay here. I haven't seen many varsity players take one for the team, when it was a fast ball to the ribs. You know it when you see it.
  15. As far as being a "1st year", it doesn't matter. You're going to get hit. What you will notice is that you get hit by pitches NOW. When you move up, you get hit with foul balls that are moving much faster and accelerating towards you off of the bat.
  16. May 15 foul tips hit you today!!! No unpire, has ever been hit by a foul tip.
  17. Coach, let's try an experiment. Please hold this bat with both hands. Now drop it. Are your hands lying on the ground with the bat????
  18. If you're one that like to stir things up a bit (and can have a little fun with that HC) HC: Tie goes to the runner, right? Umpire: For you team, or theirs? (as you motion to the opposing dugout) After you get the deer in the headlights look, I'd then explain that the runner must BEAT the trhow, not TIE the throw.
  19. When I had gone home from boot camp on leave.......invincible & bold to the world, I let a wise crack slip towards mom. Now, out of boot, I was 5'10" @ 210lbs. Mom is all of 5'3" 80 lbs. But that hillbilly discipline put me in check right away. It was something along the lines of "son, you're not that old that I won't turn you over my knee". Well, when I responded with "sure thing mom, I'll let you", she couldn't help but laugh.
  20. The parking lot has my truck, all my gear, cooler, snacks, my tunes and a nice comfy chair I bring with me..... Most of the time, I would rather be in the P-lot than anywhere else. I heard a GLM tell another GLM once..."If you haven't seen a half naked umpire, you haven't been to the baseball field much".
  21. I have at times put my indicator in my pocket. This MAKES you keep track of balls/strikes & outs mentally and thus, forces the focus on the game. Trust me, after a half inning (or two), you have negotiated with yourself enough to know that you can now stay in the game if you pull the indicator back out.
  22. Best one I had was at Little League East Regional in 2009. I rang up a 3rd strike on the batter to end the inning. I started to the gate to get a drink and Little Charlie (catcher for New Hampshire) had run up behind me, smacked me on the tail with his glove and says "good call bule!" as he's running to his dugout. This all came about by being cordial and talking with my catchers during warm ups between innings. If the players are having fun, why turn into Shrek, be the big green monster that everyone is afraid of, and take any enjoyment out of the game? Should I have told him to aim for the leg guards the next time up?
  23. During the game (to show you up)......buh bye! Now for the most part, our local little league managers/coaches are pretty cool about things. They may approach us later (in the parking lot), asking if we can show them why we called something the way we did. If they are cordial and not trying to stir stuff up, and actually "appear" to be sincere in their request for knowledge, I have/will show them. If I can enlighten them to read the rule book, I may help the next umpire out by preventing any manager/coach running on the field waving his rulebook. But based on the OP, "coach, if you didn't take the time to read the rulebook, I'm not taking the time during this game".
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