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  1. I still find it disheartening to see how soft (SAWFT for my southern brethren in blue) the younger generations have become.  I was just talking with a co-worker on Friday about how we grew up in a time where violent cartoons, jungle gym's on playground macadam, and standing up in the front seat of a car as a child. But I digress........ 

  2. Yes, we had that growing up.  No, I don't allow it.

    4.06 - No manager, coach or player, shall at any time, whether from the bench or the playing field or elsewhere –

    (b) use language which will in any manner refer to or reflect upon opposing players, manager, coach, an umpire or spectators;

  3. 1 hour ago, calablue said:

    LMAO!!!!! Thanks!  No can you tell me how I could have done that? I actually was able to do it but deleted post because I wanted to “quote” beerguy55 and then post. Wouldn’t work after I used quote button. Thanks 

    click on the emoji button......... :)

    ...................its in the selection

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