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  1. Just got released to drive today and get back into the gym (well, treadmill & bike anyway)!  Check out my new permanent body jewelry!!  Doc said that given the mask I use (Force3 traditional), that the con-cushion would be overkill.  After a quick conversation with @umpstu and rather lengthy one @MadMax, Max agreed this was overkill as well.  THANKS GUYS!!




  2. While I find stark contrast in your screen name, versus your intended location, I have to say that I don't see much scuba diving in your future.  When I was in the service, one of the guys in my barracks was often wearing a "Ski-Iowa" t shirt.......depicted by a picture of pigs being towed behind a tractor on water skis.

    Best of luck.

    P.S.  I think @humanbackstop19 is in Iowa

    It was similar to this, but said Iowa.   (Sorry Kyle, it was the only one I found)

    See the source image

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  3. We were informed last night that in regards to the game balls, PA is now a PLAY and report state.  Apparently, NFHS overruled the state (?).

    1- ask for game balls. 

    2- If not correct, Ask Visitors.

    3- If none available, allow time (not to exceed 20 minutes) for the team to acquire game balls (local sporting good store?)

    4- Use available balls and report infraction to chapter after the game

  4. 1 hour ago, lawump said:

    Being honest, look at the litigation history: Plaintiff's lawyers went after helmets first.  Then, when helmet standards were established, they starting going after bats.  (Hence, BESR and then BBCOR.)  The attorneys for leagues, entities, etc., then had to start asking: "what will the Plaintiff's bar go after next?"  The answer, of course, is baseballs...which lacked detailed standards.  The adoption of NOCSAE standards for baseballs are, without a doubt, in part to head off the next wave of lawsuits.

    Spoken like a true lawyer

  5. 19 hours ago, The Man in Blue said:

    Any testimonials here?  Looks interesting.

    Doubtful that you will see many (if any) testimonials anytime soon.   I just downloaded it and it said it had been downloaded over 100 times.   Well, you have to start somewhere.

  6. This is just my opinion and thoughts that I am offering.  These are my views and not any documented representation of a specific organization.


    I've been to many clinics/schools/training sessions over the years.  While I work HS and have done some college level ball, my focus is/has been in volunteering for little league, here is how it was passed along to us.

    During training - Do as taught.  i.e. When in Rome.......

    During high level tournament we are told - Do what got you there.  You don't need to be focusing on changing your mechanic and proper execution of how you think they want it executed, when the focus should be on the game.

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  7. 19 hours ago, ilyazhito said:

    If you want to mess around with DHs also fielding, why not adapt the NCAA P/DH rule, and modify it to apply to positions other than pitcher?

    why not just play under one rule set..........OBR ?!?!?  :Horse:

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