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  1. Correct. And in NCAA. It's not if the ball is live or dead. It's if action is relaxed.
  2. Because MLB doesn't want it called a balk (or it was missed)
  3. There's an intervening play, so TOI in OBR. It's always TOI in FED. I *think* NCAA is the same at OBR.
  4. Most don't get a W-2 for officiating, since we are not employees.
  5. noumpere


    That's true under FED. I *think* under OBR you can only call it after the fact if the defense gets a double or triple play. The rule is to protect the offense (so they get the benefit of the retroactive call), not to reward the defense (so they don't get that benefit).
  6. That's (the softball case) essentially how I would rule in the OP for FED baseball. The defense messed up twice -- OBS and throwing the ball into right field (or wherever). I have a hard time rewarding them for that by leaving R1 at third and BR at second. And yes, I know that just "penalizing the team that messed up" is NOT always (or maybe ever) the right way to suss out plays; imo allowing the runs to score is the resultthat would have happened (or the best we can assume in this case) absent the OBS; so awarding the bases is the right way to nullify the OBS. Edit: There's also the "if a decision (in this instance the "out") is reversed, the umpires should 'make it right' " rule to apply here -- also leading the both runs scoring. I do agree it's a 10-2-3 (or whatever the rule is) situation -- until FED puts out a specific case as did softball.
  7. On a base hit, third *might be* the correct award (especially if the hit was to right). R1 still needs to run the bases properly or be subject to appeal.
  8. Correct. And if R1 is obstructed by F3, than chances that the OBS *CAUSED* the missed base are zero.
  9. noumpere

    Home Run

    Unless you area asking about some appeal situation, yes.
  10. noumpere

    Balk to third

    Just the opposite -- It's a balk if the pitcher releases the ball before the front foot hits the ground.
  11. Yep. I try not to be too fast. At the same time, I try not to be too slow. I just try to be my usual half-fast self.
  12. And that almost always happens -- since acceleration is thew first derivative of velocity, you the force will grow by the velocity squared and decrease by the mass (not squared) -- so getting more velocity on the bat gives you more force on the ball than the loss of the mass decreases the force. (I'm sure there's a better explanation than that -- it's why I'm not a teacher)
  13. noumpere

    Bases loaded

    When a trailing runner is put out, runners in advance of that out are no longer forced. In your play, the BR was out when F3 stepped on first, so runners in advance of the BR (that's all runners) do not need to advance
  14. 99 and 44/100 percent of appeals are made by tagging the base missed / left too soon. In fact, I would guess (and it's just that) that most players and coaches don't even know you can tag a runner to make an appeal. So, I wouldn't deduce that they were appealing the miss at third -- I'd deduce that they were trying *something* but I wouldn't know what -- so I'd ask.
  15. "What are you appealing?" (or, perhaps, "what are you trying to do?") is NOT coaching. It's seeking information / clarification. Now, "are you appealing that the runner missed third?" is coaching.
  16. You can't rule on an appeal that's not made (except, I think, in one of the Carolinas). The appeal was for leaving early. Rule on that. (Safe, since R2 is now back on second). Let the defense appeal again for missing third, if they want.
  17. Can't speak for football, but in all the basketball I do, those calls happen because those actions happened.
  18. SOP in (almost) all parks, I think, that everything above the break is out of play.
  19. Not true at all. I make enough misteaks (<-- see what I did there) as it is; I don't need to make a bad call on purpose (excepting, where appropriate, which is almost never, now, the FUC)
  20. noumpere


    Just in general, what would your reaction be if someone said "you suck" to you (other than in the instances where guys who are friends say that to each other in a kidding manner)? My guess is that you (justifiably) wouldn't take it well-- and neither should the umpire have to take it.
  21. Because the runner is not the ball
  22. When to end a game because of weather or darkness
  23. Good idea to have this tool in your toolbox. In this play, that's where it should stay.
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