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  1. R1 was forced out for the third out. No runs can score when the third out is a force out.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much what I said. /s
  3. The purpose of the rule is so that (a) the offense doesn't take an 89' lead and then advances easily when the ball is put in play and (b) the defense doesn't get an easy out when the umpire puts the ball in play when the runner is 45' from the base. As long as both teams are happy with the runner's location (near the base), then the play is legal. I suspect that's what happensed in your play.
  4. Why is it either / or? If it's a strike, call it. If it's a ball, don't. whether it's near the letters, the knees, the inside corner, the outside corner. it might also matter whether it's directly over the middle of the plate and near the letters/ knees or it's near the edge of the plate AND near the letters / knees -- some might say a pitcher can miss (a bit) in one direction and get a call, but can't miss in two directions another analogy some have used: the strike zone isn't a rectangle, it's more of an egg shape, with the pointy end at the top.
  5. I am unclear what you want. Either it's just a humble brag type of post, or you are calling the zone used in your area, or you are too sensitive to the isolated complaints, or ....
  6. noumpere

    Balk 2?

    There is the "when the free foot passes the rubber, F1 must pitch or throw (or feint) to second" rule.
  7. For lower level, I use a WalMart plastic bag. For higher levels, I upgrade to Target
  8. Might depend on how the uniform is designed and worn. That said, if "everyone" is complaining about your zone at a particular level, then it's likely to big / small / wide / narrow for that level in your location. If it's only one coach in one game, then ignore the complaint (or address it as part of game management, but don't change the zone).
  9. noumpere

    Balk 2?

    Yes, F1 can throw to third if R2 is advancing or feints an advance (the specific wording varies by code, but the practical effect is the same). But, the move to third must be legal -- F1 must step toward third and step ahead of the throw. And, I don't think (but I'm willing to be corrected) LH F1 can use an "inside move" to go all the way around and step and throw to third.
  10. noumpere


    "like" a quick pitch is NOT a quick pitch, so it's not a balk. That said, if you think the defense is gaining an advantage not intended by the rules (and, for me, it's going to depend on the timing, and how long R1 takes, etc) don't let F1 pitch.
  11. Doesn't add much we don't already know (or suspect), but: https://www.dailyherald.com/article/20210927/sports/309279942/
  12. You stated that if it was a routine grounder, then we'd get two outs. That's not true for OBR. We'd only get the out if the INT was "willful and deliberately designed to prevent a double play" (or whatever the specific words are -- they were cited above). In practice, this happens never.
  13. While that's the correct mechanic, it's just that--a mechanic. Saying it or not, on a ball in the middle of the diamond or near the line, that stays fair or rolls foul, doesn't chance the resulting ruling.
  14. Those last two points are incorrect for OBR. And, even in FED, I don't think there's any provision for a triple play.
  15. I think it was more a miss by the Red Sox manager and / or his video guy.
  16. Agreed -- I (almost) never look at that forum -- it's fine if you want to play the umpire ejection fantasy league (or whatever it's called) -- play discussion should be in the other parts of the forum. JMO, of course For me -- the umpires got it right. U3 called the infield fly (a pop up in the infield is always going to be an infield fly in MLB -- even if F5 was never really under the ball). then R1 was out because U2 made an incorrect call. That can be fixed by going to "what would have happened" had he made the correct call -- and that leave two outs, and R2, R3.
  17. Not based only on what's been described. If the player had previously exhibited poor sportsmanship, maybe. and, it gets noticed for anything else he does.
  18. If action is unrelaxed, then the defense does NOT lose it's right to an appeal if it plays on the offense. If action is relaxed, the defense DOES lose it's right to appeal if it plays on the offense -- under OBR (under FED the defense does not lose the right if the offenseinitiates the play)
  19. It's a balk to throw to an unoccupied base *EXCEPT FOR THE PURPOSES OF MAKING A PLAY* People remember the first part of the rule; they forget the second part.
  20. Correct. And in NCAA. It's not if the ball is live or dead. It's if action is relaxed.
  21. Because MLB doesn't want it called a balk (or it was missed)
  22. There's an intervening play, so TOI in OBR. It's always TOI in FED. I *think* NCAA is the same at OBR.
  23. Most don't get a W-2 for officiating, since we are not employees.
  24. noumpere


    That's true under FED. I *think* under OBR you can only call it after the fact if the defense gets a double or triple play. The rule is to protect the offense (so they get the benefit of the retroactive call), not to reward the defense (so they don't get that benefit).
  25. That's (the softball case) essentially how I would rule in the OP for FED baseball. The defense messed up twice -- OBS and throwing the ball into right field (or wherever). I have a hard time rewarding them for that by leaving R1 at third and BR at second. And yes, I know that just "penalizing the team that messed up" is NOT always (or maybe ever) the right way to suss out plays; imo allowing the runs to score is the resultthat would have happened (or the best we can assume in this case) absent the OBS; so awarding the bases is the right way to nullify the OBS. Edit: There's also the "if a decision (in this instance the "out") is reversed, the umpires should 'make it right' " rule to apply here -- also leading the both runs scoring. I do agree it's a 10-2-3 (or whatever the rule is) situation -- until FED puts out a specific case as did softball.
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