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  1. noumpere

    FED DH Rule Change

    I'm confused by this one. At the end of (c) you have (starter) Sanders catching and Jackson pitching -- yet, these players occupy the same spot in the order. This seems to conflict with 3.1.4J (above)
  2. noumpere

    FED DH Rule Change

    Have Montalbo pinch-run and then use a Courtesy Runner for Montalbo
  3. The "bounce" needs to be more pronounced than is shown to be a balk.
  4. I agree with the others that the pitches are legal under NFHS rules. Under OBR and NCAA, these are also legal moves.
  5. I think the main problem we are trying to solve is fan and announcer ignorance. A different way to approach this would be to assess whether such a rule would be added if we were just developing the game of baseball and what it would look like. Would we let the runner run in fair territory? That would lead to more bunts where the runner could "get in the way.". Would we have a double first base? would we put first base half in foil territory as it used to be? i come down on the side of leaving the rule as it is. If you don't want to be called out at first then learn to run in the lane.
  6. I seem to recall that it used to be the standard to carry the bar. No, I don't have any specific reference and it might just be anecdotal, or it was the standard in one local league of something.
  7. That rule isn't Suggested, it's Optional. It's only IF a state decides to use it, that these specific items are suggested.
  8. I agree that there can be (and probably should be) discussion on whether the rule should be left as-is or changed. I'm not sure an orange base is the answer. And, given the difficulty in implementing rule changes, I'm not sure it will be discussed. But, given the high-visibility this has (as opposed to, say a Tuesday game between the Tigers and the Mariners), it has a shot. I think most of the players (who don't knwo the rule, I agree) are really arguing from this perspective.
  9. noumpere

    Long fly ball

    I think I saw this in a bugs bunny cartoon. Sr. Azul will be along soon to show that I was wrong -- it was an xxxxx cartoon, and provide a cut-an-paste of what is currently being taught at the animators-union trade school.
  10. I see nothing in the rules book / scoring section that would take the win from a pitcher just because he was ejected. A quick search shows that "eject" (and variants) only appears in the "consecutive games" section of the scoring rules.
  11. I told everyone that typos might be present. I'd be better off buying a new keyboard, but thanks for your concern.
  12. Not relevant to the play. FED 8-4-2n "Any runner is out when he: passes an unobstructed preceding runner before such runner is out (typed, not c-n-p, so excuse any typos; emphasis added; from 2017-I'm assuming it hasn't changed) Further edit: I may (likely) inadvertently "voted down" Sr. Azul's post that I quoted. I generally don't believe in voting posts up or down, so it wasn't my intent to do so. I put it back to zero. IF that removes someone else's vote, I apologize.
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