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  1. They are the retro jubilees special edition for of course when Jordan was with the white Sox program the Barons I think with the blue 45 on the back and not the reg. 23!
  2. Dude Noooo! That thing is like Jesus untouchable nobody is ever going to see one like it again baby blue, and Silva that ain’t sexy that’s gorgeous and classy as hell. You will definitely get hit up with compliments for that rig. Leave it alone blue too nice looking!!!! Ump Nick
  3. New EvoShield ProSrz HSM. Navy w/ gray accents. Retail $289. Asking $195 will split shipping. Willing to work with price.
  4. This is an extremely interesting look! The blue is very sharp! But does it bother anyone else that windpack cc pads fit perfectly with the Evoshield cage but looks very unorthodox, with anything else! They are set up for the evo cage and they fit like they should, but does anybody else think the wind pack pads with out the Evo cage seem to look like you’re putting random couch cushions on the brand new couch you just bought an even though it’s very comfortable it just doesn’t look right! But to him his own and if it is the protection you looking for then I got no gripes about that. It is the most important thing, But on the other hand I am that vain lol and the look for me has to be on point and if not, gotta be perfectly customized to my liking!!! p.s. Who cares if you can’t see it lol put that visor on, if vanity is all it is, I say that’s enough!!! Lol Sick mask bro!!! Either way! Ump Nick
  5. Hey Blue, Dawn works a pre-soak and rub some one b4 putting in wash. Soak and Wash right after game. Also I like to wear the half turtle neck officials type undershirts this will help! Lmk good luck! Ump, Nick
  6. Well I guess it all depends on ability and experience. I mean I kno the lingo bc I’m a baseball head! But @Stk004 is too young. I been doing it for 21 years now and I’m still considered “far from an “older Ump”” lol he’s a baby! No Mal. Intent lol
  7. Hey there could you post a couple pics of the size 12’s just would like a better all around look at them before I make a purchase sorry took so long to respond. Hope all is well thank u
  8. Hey Blue, my friend BT-Blue mentioned in a post that you might be the guy to ask about putting an Evoshield HSM (Brand New, with tags) up for sale, on some part of the UmpEmpire website, any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks Ump!

    1. Thunderheads


      No, sorry, not me

    2. Ump Nick

      Ump Nick

      Thanks for the help

  9. I like the sty!!!!! (Style for older Ump) lol
  10. I totally understand what you’re saying about the why Navy? A lil different, but it must have something to do with, going back to the old school way, although I personally prefer it and would rather be called that instead of Sir or Ump! Gotta hav something to do with the old school way! But still don’t ever mind hearing (Excuse me, “Blue” what we got 3n2? Lol, ya’ll get it! Ump, Nick
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