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  1. Greetings umpires! I run a growing youth baseball league in Miami and we are fortunate that our roster of umpires is growing. I like to keep the umps looking sharp and we have been providing powder blue shirts for all, especially for the newer umps. But what I have noticed from our more experienced umps is for a night game they wear a dark shirt. So with more night games coming in the Spring 2022 season, I need to pick a dark colored shirt for all umps, as it looks odd, to me, when the home plate ump is in black and the base umps are in powder blue for a night game (maybe I am wrong on that?) Anyway, figured I would ask the experts here if there is a universal preference when it comes to the color of the umpire jersey for night games - what looks sharp and shows your league is organized - black umpire jerseys or navy blue umpire jerseys? Thanks for your feedback. Bonus question - should base umpires have the same cap, and if so, is there a preferred style? For now they are all wearing black Miami Marlins caps, but would be nice to create something unique to our league. Thanks again for your time.
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