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  1. It was just an aggressive swinging strike three mechanic.
  2. Done a lot in the big leagues... Plate guy wears what he wants (for example light blue and base umpires wear black). Base umpires just have to match other base umpires. Not a big deal.
  3. arbiter22

    2 for 1

    Agreed (from another 21 year old)!
  4. arbiter22

    2 for 1

    I wonder why that is. .:crybaby2:
  5. "What is wrong with coaches?" There isn't enough time in the day to go over all this... But the short answer is that they get to play KING RAT for 3 hours
  6. Leaving his position to argue balls and strikes.... That's an automatic ejection. Doesn't matter if he swears or not...He's gotta go!!!
  7. Ejections come and go. Sometime you'll seem like you have and ejection every week. Sometimes you may go a whole year with out one. It's just one of those thing, all you can do is take of your business.
  8. agreed! On another note. I personally am not allowing them to swarm the plate unless its a walk-off. In which case I don't care what they do.
  9. I use their first name. They are not my coach. (Although there's a few that think they are.)
  10. Man John has been injury poor the last couple years... Hope he's ok.
  11. He knew he didn't really have an argument. However there are some of those o so wonderful managers out there that think they have to argue anyway.
  12. My crew used this mechanic last year... When I'm at home we just go over it in pregame.
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