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  1. Here’s a pic of the back of the Cobalt. @tpatience with the photo credit
  2. Patients…… Patience ..... I fixed it for you!
  3. I would definitely recommend ordering The skullcap larger if you are in between sizes. The padding is attached to the Shell by velcro. If it’s a little too big, you can simply add some two-sided Velcro to perfect the fit. If it’s too small, you can’t make it bigger. eventually, replacement padding will be available,so you can perfect the fit
  4. Sounds to me like @MadMax just volunteered to set up a lab in his basement to run testing for everyone! Thanks max!!! #sogenerous #blessed
  5. I can speak to this. It is not to be construed as me speaking on behalf of AllStar or anything else. A couple years ago I spoke to somebody at NOCSEA regarding their certification procedure. They require a helmets and masks to demonstrate Severity Index (SI) numbers below 1200 to receive a certification. As Stan mentioned in the stream, that number correlates with a likelihood of skull fracture, not concussion. In my opinion, this is a very low bar. Companies will vary in their approach. Some will shoot for 1199 others will strive for 0. There are no levels of NOCSEA certification. A pro
  6. Like I said on the stream, the CPU26 was the biggest surprise. The cobalt is awesome but I expected it to be awesome. I didn’t not have high expectations for a “soft shell” but this floored me. The interior plates are STOUT! And this thing is light. Like, did I forget to put on my chest protector light. @JimKirk the diamond comparison is apt, but the quality level to my eye, (I see a lot of diamonds with my newer trainees), is far above.
  7. Do those who really want a Navy skully, the SC500 is available. I’ve been using one (in black) for the last two years. Very good protection and quality without all the bells and whistles. The brim is about a 6 stitch length. The mask comes off just fine with good technique. https://www.all-starsports.com/sc500.html
  8. I threatened him mightily. I can now safely return his first born.
  9. @AtlUmp I’m not 100% sure @JimKirk maybe you can grab some photos with a tape measure?
  10. 1) the soft padding is continuous so it fills most of the gaps between plates. 2) of you think the gap on top of the shoulder is too large, keep the caps attached. They are very low profile. 3) You can use a standard harness, the rough texture finish helps, but I’ve found found that a neoprene harness like the Delta Flex works better. I do not take the skull cap off in one piece. I run it like you’re taught at umpire school, out and up, no issue. The 4-stitch Length brim makes it pretty easy. 4) Tell the people in charge that your wearing a skully for safety. If your
  11. Here's the link for tonight's livestream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-QcyZ_SoO8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1L_nJS0K1JY0608F6R2mhvU4vXZNv_DiTETTH5ZYW8xdGEpk97eBfBXvg
  12. Here's the link for tonight's livestream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-QcyZ_SoO8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1L_nJS0K1JY0608F6R2mhvU4vXZNv_DiTETTH5ZYW8xdGEpk97eBfBXvg
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