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  1. The one thing that seems to be a sticking point at first reading is that requirement that 75% of any amount received be used for payroll. From the SBA Site: I'm curious how "payroll" will be interpreted for an independent contractor. Umpires working as independent contractors don't have employees working for them, so the requirement that 75% of any amount be used towards payroll could be a potential sticking point in received loan forgiveness. However, one link (archive) I found researching the issue suggests that net earnings from self-employment would qualify as payroll costs, but I'm not quite how one would demonstrate the money received replaces net earnings. Does it have to be spent on personal expenses? Can it simply be deposited in the bank and left alone? How the SBA would wants this documented appears to be the $64000 question. I'm also curious how one would calculate the amount of lost income. If it goes solely by actual games cancelled, some umpires might not have received enough games this year to exceed the $1000 threshold before their season was canceled. If umpires can take what they made in January-March and annualize that amount, or use prior years' numbers to calculate what they'd lose this Spring, that might help those who otherwise might not meet the threshold.
  2. My first Spring game is presently April 20 and my schedule has been slowly filling through May. The optimist in me is pleased, but the realist in me wonders if or when these games might be canceled should our governor declare school out for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year.
  3. Recently, someone in a different forum I frequent posted something from a local newspaper about the declining numbers of officials in my state. Apparently, we lost 140 baseball umpires and 90 softball umpires statewide compared to a year ago. The article also featured my baseball/softball assignor who stated what most officials that work for him already know: he goes crazy in the Spring spending hours trying to do his best to adequately cover baseball and softball. Last year, it wasn't uncommon to get at least one call a week stating that my softball game at school X was being changed to a baseball game at school Y or vice versa. On a couple of occasions, I was even called to say my partner was needed elsewhere and I'd be working solo. If we somehow manage to have a spring HS season here this year, I expect the umpires in my group will be stretched quite thin -- more so than last year -- trying to cover all the games. I have no plans to leave baseball (or softball, either) at present. If that were to change, it would have nothing to do with what's happening this Spring. Even if my job situation were to change in a way that would make me unavailable for 4:00/4:30 PM weekday game times, I'd still continue to register for baseball and softball because there are plenty of weekend games here that need to be covered such as non-league HS baseball doubleheaders, sub-varsity HS softball tournaments, and CYO baseball/softball. However, I could see older umpires or any other umpires already debating their future not wanting to come back with the lack of games this spring being a contributing factor in the decision.
  4. Agreed. If player safety is first and foremost with interscholastic sports, then it's understandable to postpone or cancel games as part of a larger plan to keep all involved parties safe. That said, there's also nothing wrong with discussion about the impact of this decision -- such as the financial impact on umpires and other sport officials who use their game fees to supplement their income or help pay bills -- so long as proper perspective is kept. I'm glad you're OK. I wish the public received more reports/updates with practical advice on how to avoid COVID-19 and what to do if one has it instead of reporting information that seems to conflict and cause more confusion instead of less. Agreed. One would hope that while stuff is shut down, especially the schools, those places would take time to thoroughly disinfect as they do when nasty strains of flu or norovirus hit. That way, when the downtime ends, it would be easier to resume normal activity again provided people took time to take the recommended precautions. I saw a tweet earlier that the NAIA has since cancelled spring sports for all member schools (article / archive).
  5. @Thunderheads, I've dropped you a PM to answer that.
  6. I do my baseball and softball for the OAA (and the additional schools that the assignor handles) along with basketball. The e-mail I received came from the CHSL where I only do basketball because they sent it to every official in their Arbiter Group regardless of what sports they work for the league. It is a bit surreal that the sporting events one might watch over the weekend aren't taking place right now.
  7. I saw this site mentioned on officiating.com as a more active forum for baseball, so I decided to register in hopes it can be a useful resource. At present, I recently finished my eighth year officiating basketball and -- if COVID-19 doesn't totally wipe out Spring HS sports this year -- I'll be doing my fourth year of softball and second year of baseball.
  8. Schools had just started tryouts/the first week of practice this week when this all transpired. I received a similar mass-mail from an assignor about having no games until April 6. With schools closed for the rest of the month, our association's meeting site is now unavailable. I'm not sure how, where, or if we will make them up, but I see the MHSAA is willing to be flexible with meeting attendance this Spring in terms of granting umpires MIGS (member in good standing) status. My first game is supposed to be April 20. I have no idea if that will change as the result of this three-week downtime, nor do I know if the spring season will run in any sort of capacity.
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