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  1. It's my understanding from the responses to my original post is that the answer is, "No. There is no USSSA rule that dictates the maximum number of batters that can be out of the dugout on the change over."
  2. Agreed. I'm not a strong proponent of having all of the players out of the dugout. I saw a team do it once and began to do it myself. My guys are always spaced out properly and wearing their helmets. I could live without doing it, though. I was more curious about the actual rule because I've been trying to get more into the rule book. There have been several instances where coaches from the other team try to call the game and I've known they were incorrect (e.g., head first slides and being out of the baseline).
  3. You are correct. I actually had a coach complain that I had too many batters out of the dugout. The umpire agreed with the coach and had me put all of my batters but one back into the dugout. The coach referenced that we were playing by OBR rules and this was not allowed. It appears, based on everyone's feedback, that he was wrong...which doesn't surprise me.
  4. What is the rule regarding the number of players that can be out of the dugout warming up/timing a new pitcher? I have seen whole teams out of the dugout swinging during the first inning and when a new pitcher comes in. I have never gotten a clear answer. This is for USSSA baseball. Thank you in advance.
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