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  1. While not illegal, this is the stupid crap that makes a grumpy old traditionalist like me hate the game. It is gamesmanship, not sportsmanship. Get off my lawn and resume your conversation ... 😉
  2. HANG ON ... house rules going wrong?! What?! I am SHOCKED! It absolutely would NOT be on the umpire to catch that there were 12 guys instead of 13. If it was a traditional 9-player order and they had 8, sure. Batting everybody? How do I know who everybody is? "... and coach, you are batting 12?" "Yup," as he stares at the hot mom in the low cut sun dress.
  3. Yes, he can pitch in water and on land. (Helps when you breathe through your eyelids.)
  4. If we really want to get into semantics, the NFHS Softball rulebook is all over the place. It makes reference to the ball hitting "she" (2.62), "the batter" (6.1, Exception 3; 7.2.1g;8.5.5), "the batter or her clothing" (7.3.2; 8.2b-c), and "the body" (8.2 Penalties). The word "hair" is used only three times in the book: all in 3.2.5 which is about "Uniforms and Player Equipment." It does not state hair is part of the uniform, but instead states what equipment a player can use to control their hair. I know your research prowess is better than mine. I also know your affinity for case plays is better than mine. You provided a list of case plays and said they DON'T say the hair does not count ... which one says the hair DOES count? As we all know NFHS (and other orgs) can be all over the place. I will say my reading leads me to logically conclude hair is NOT included (it is mentioned specifically in one place, none of which have to do with contact with the ball). You may logically conclude differently and I can understand your POV. But without a rule specifying, we can't say either of us are right/wrong, just that we disagree. To @beerguy55's assertion about a tag on the ponytail ... no, I don't call that a tag. Why am I going to reward the defense for a girl's fashion sense? If a defender cannot get a tag on the runner's body proper, I'm not giving her an extra 12-inches of reach because the runner wears her hair in a certain manner. What if the runner has a religious requirement to wear her hair in a long ponytail? Should that entitle the defense to an extension on the tag rule? If we look at other sports, you can say "but football allows you grab a guy's hair" and I can say "but volleyball expressly says a ball touching the hair is not a touch.
  5. An extra foot to give the robo-umps more data to calculate whether it was a strike or not?
  6. No, sir. NFHS Softball states the batter must be hit on the body for it to be a hit-by-pitch. While I consider your hair a part of your person, I do not consider it a part of your body. Nor would I consider this batter's beard justification for awarding him first base. Unless it was just for the sheer spectacularity (yes, that is not a word, but a beard of this magnificent magnitude deserves its own term of awesomeness) of his beard, and then I would give him first AND second. On that regard, USA Softball does say "any part of the batter's person" for its fastpitch rules. So ... I suppose I'd be wrong there. I could have sworn there was a caseplay that said NO, but I don't have the ambition to check.
  7. That umpire was obviously umpiring back in 1982 when that was possible. Yeah, many people don't remember when the runners had to run in a straight line and make 90-degree turns due the physics of the world back then. Now we have evolved though, and runners are no longer able to do that. Since the runners are now able to run in non-linear motions, we have changed to the definition with the runner determining the basepath.
  8. I thought the school of thought was actually going the other way (away from point and towards hammer) to prevent guys from taking their eyes off the field. Never understood why you have to look at your own fingers. If you can’t point to the side without turning your head ... well ... Momma said life is like a box a chocolates. That said, I mix it up from weekend to weekend. Edit: That said ... we support you and love you @HokieUmp. You are always you in our hearts. Another edit: But please, dear god, do NOT do the finger gun. I can’t stand seeing that, even on pro guys. You aren’t Will Rodgers and you aren’t six-years old.
  9. How slow was the pitch?
  10. Did you say “yoots”? Side note: I had grits for the first time this weekend.
  11. What if he stepped off the base to the back or third base side before heading through the middle of the field? Then, by the letter of the law provided, he passed the base and didn’t retreat regardless of where he went after that. It seems the letter is more concerned with entry/exit to/from the base, not the direction the runner was headed afterwards.
  12. Oh blow it out your .. er ... uh ... I mean I love you, man!🤪😄
  13. Thank you @Thunderheads! I just hadn't noticed it before so it caught my eye. I wondered if it was like those "behind the fence" conversations ... I know they go on all the time without me ever noticing, but the right words (or the wrong ones) at the right time (or the wrong one!) catch my ear. I knew about the sold items; I was talking about the recent ones in the Ask the Umpire section. There were a couple of comments right before the lock that made me wonder. Asked and answered! Thank you! (Like I said, just wanted to make sure we weren't causing any problems.)
  14. Title asks it all. Just wondering if we are doing something we shouldn't be. I can't say I noticed anything other than humor.
  15. Sounds like a good call to me. I would offer a suggestion to get together with your partner to see if he/she can confirm or deny whether the runner made it to second base. You were correct that the force would not be reinstated as he was not retreating to first base. I could offer the usual "keep your head on a swivel" and say do not bask in the glory of the call you nailed ... because you just missed the next one. 😉
  16. Somebody had been on a My Cousin Vinny kick ...
  17. While I cannot disagree that it doesn't effect play, I wholeheartedly disagree with the rest of this. Your appearance is going to affect the game. While some of these things may seem trivial and the average coach or fan might not even point it out, I can guarantee they are noticing, even if subconsciously. This cannot be stressed enough, particularly for new umpires. Look like a goob, you'll be treated like a goob. Look professional, and you'll be treated with respect like a goob. 😁
  18. If a coach brings up instant replay, tell him we'll send his runner back and try it again then, double-or-nothing.
  19. Add me to the list of those who have mostly abandoned "show me the ball" as I gained more experience. The only time I will ask is if I absolutely cant tell (cloud of dust, glove turned away from me and on the ground, etc.) and it is the only play going on. Otherwise, if Johnny Junior fell asleep holding a tag on a runner, you are getting my initial call and we'll adjust if the ball is on the ground. Yes, I have had that happen and it isn't a big deal, and we fix it and keep going. I have had coaches try the "but he was waiting on you" card ... to which my reply is "Coach, my call here does not affect those other runners." It's no different than a kid holding a tag on a runner in hopes that he'll break contact while the other runners are advancing. Back to the original question, "Where did he tag him?" I have a few possible answers: "Yes." That's it, just yes. "At third base coach, where the play was at." "Since you just told me you did see the tag coach, we're good here." Break some high-falutin' medical terminology ... "Coach, with the angular velocity of the glove in possession of the ball, I gauged a .73 second contact with the runner's 5th left anterior metatarsal and a .45 second contact with the runner's quad-pectoral dorsal fin." (Followed by "I need 50 ccs pushed, STAT!")
  20. True @beerguy55. All dependent on code. I've never heard it called the "fair base" and the "foul base" before though.
  21. Not following up on the thought exercise @maven did not pose ... What is the preferred method of killing a play? Take it out behind the barn and Old Yeller it? Electric chair? Gas chamber? Lethal injection?
  22. You know, on one hand I feel as if we have been piling on to some of the guests recently. On the other hand, we keep getting posts like these ... Do you have a video on Youtube that you would like to direct us to? I will try to give it some seriousness though. Guest Joe: If you are down 15-0, don't argue anything. If you are up 15-0, don't argue anything. Get out of that game as fast as you can and go have another beer. If you down 1-0, don't argue anything. If you are up 1-0, don't argue anything. It is senior softball. You should be having fun and getting some exercise. If you aren't having fun, quit playing. Missed bases are an appeal play. Don't ask why (the answer is the rulebook says so). That means an umpire cannot initiate the call. The umpire is going to make a call as if everything was fine and then the defense will appeal and you will be called out. Did I mention don't argue anything.
  23. Not spending that much ... but I have fantasized about an electronic indicator that has a timer built into it.
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